That’s a Wrap

Below you’ll find the final accounting for the 2013 Canterbury Racing Club. I had to adjust the starting amount since I missed some deposits so our starting amount was a little bit higher. We finished the season with about 72% of the money we started with or just under $37,000. We managed to win 4 races and if we could have only nursed one out of MUNDY we may have finished in the black for the first time!

Details for next year’s club will be out shortly but most of the parameters will be the same including the buy in amount of $250 (Do expect a change in the winners’ circle photo process, however). Each member will have the opportunity to re-up for next year again by adding $65.08 to the $184.92 you have coming back. You all will be getting an email shortly from Jeff confirming those numbers.

Once again, it was absolutely my pleasure working for you all this year and look forward to hopefully coming back to do it again next year!

CBY RC Financials – FINAL


8 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

    • We’re hoping very shortly, Ann. There are still some details to be finalized but we hope to get something out in the next week/10-days.

  1. Ted any ideas if Clay will be on board for this upcoming season? And will that dictate where we get our next horse(s) from? Can’t wait! ( winter already seems sooo long! ) Sam

    • I’m working on that we speak! Yes, if Clay signs on again we will, most likely, be getting our horse(s) from Hawthorne. However, Clay has a pretty national network so it could come from anywhere!

  2. What are your thoughts on claiming a MN bred to run at Canterbury this summer? Also, maybe a quarter horse. I think you mentioned something about that last year but we never claimed one.

    • With the Minnesota bred foal crops so small over the last few years, it will be tough to find a quality Minnesota bred to claim. The ones that are for sale privately appear to be commanding a high premium as well while the very best are being held to race this summer. Another potential issue is that if you don’t have a MN bred that can compete in Stakes company but has won a few races, it’s hard to find a MN bred non winners of 3 or non winners of 4 claiming condition, simply because there are so few of them. Then they have to run open company in order to get a race and then it’s hard for them to win (though there are some steps being taken to try and mitigate that and help them be more competitive). It may also be more difficult to dispose of a horse at the end of the year if it cannot compete against open company or compete outside of Canterbury. Now, I have a group that owns a MN bred that will race this summer but as a group that doesn’t disband at the end of each year, we’re okay turning her out for the winter if she ends up not being able to compete versus open because my LLC doesn’t have a mandate to disband at the end of the year. In a few years as the foal crops rise considerably a MN bred can certainly be a possibility.

      Depending upon availability and size of the Club, a Quarter Horse is still a possibility.

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