Ten Days Left!

This is just a brief reminder post: we are closing the Club earlier than in the past in order to give Clay and I some additional time to find horses. The closing date is FEBRUARY 28, so if you’ve been putting off sending in your form and check, tarry no longer – DON’T GET SHUT OUT!

We want to have you on board and don’t want to turn anyone away if we can help it, but once the deadline passes our hands are tied.

Check out the previous post to see the link to the sign up form and the 2014 Club specifics.

See you at the track!


7 thoughts on “Ten Days Left!

    • John – I’ll reply here in case others have the same question. All the returning members checks were deposited together last week, so keep an eye out as they should be clearing at any time now. Thanks and welcome back!

    • We’ve been checking out the entries and Clay always has an eye out but until we close the Club and finalize the accounting we won’t claim anything so I wouldn’t expect a claim this weekend!

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