Next Step – A Horse (or Two!)

The final accounting isn’t quite completed yet but we know one thing: 2014 is another year of record membership for the Canterbury Racing Club. Thanks to all that joined to make that possible. The only question that remains is: did we make it to 200 members? We should know in the next few days and also have the final accounting of just how much money we have to spend, though it looks like it will be slightly more than last year or just over $50,000.

This weekend I will be completing the Club’s ownership license application for Illinois as well as the application to claim. Clay and I have already looked at a few and are keeping an eye on others so really anytime from next week could be the pick up of the first horse.

The plan is to try and claim a couple of horses around $10,000. This would allow us to run for more money over the summer, hopefully have a couple of horses that we can move up in class or, if necessary, have some downside if we need to drop in class to get a win.

When the final tally is added up, we’ll post the final Club totals and we’ll also keep you posted on claims.


6 thoughts on “Next Step – A Horse (or Two!)

  1. hey ted rick pagel here as a new member im interested in what kind of horse do you lok for dirt or turf sprint or route colt or filly or are all options depending on what is available to claim thanks rick

    • Rick,

      Sorry I missed this one! What we look for in a Club horse, ideally, is a sound horse that can give us a run for the money every time out as long as we place it properly. Male or female doesn’t really to matter to me in this cased since at the end of the year we’re selling the horse off anyway so breeding/residual value isn’t as much of a concern as it would be in a longer horizon purchase. Also, there is plenty of opportunity for turf racing here so I’m not opposed to a turf runner but I’d like some versatility if that was possible – it just gives us more flexibility in where we can enter.

  2. Always fun to find the new horses! Good luck Clay!

    For those from last year, Ask Eddy had a very nice workout down in Arkansas. Part of the fun of this group is very much getting to know and follow the horses, even after they have left our care. I continue to track them via Equibase. Looks like the 7 year old is still having fun out there.

    Ask Eddy (7-Year-Old Gelding)

    Date: March 9, 2014
    Distance: Four Furlongs
    Time: 48:60 Breezing
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 5/78 – See the day’s workouts

  3. I was just thinking about Eddy and wondering how he was doing so thanks for sharing this!! I can’t wait to see everyone again in the Winner’s Circle this year! Kathy

  4. Ted, any final count yet? Also, did all of the Illinois paperwork get completed? I’ve started to monitor possible claiming races for the ‘CRC’ name.

    • It looks like 202 will be the final number. All the paperwork is in IL. I received one call from the licensing office with a question. I answered it and haven’t heard back so we should be set. Clay has some money in his account now and we’re going to talk in the morning.

      It’s time to go shopping. I’ll provide a more complete post in a day or two.

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