VIP Card Update

There have been some requests to mail out MVP cards before the season starts and I’m going to take a quick second to address that here.

The MVP card is a player tracking card. While we use them to facilitate access to the track for Club members, their main purpose is to track the play of horse and card players in order to provide them with points for their play that can be redeemed for things like merchandise and food. If any of you have a card from Mystic Lake, Treasure Island or any casino anywhere, the principle is the same.

Because of this, ID has to be shown to pick up your card and they cannot be mailed out. The process only takes a couple of minutes and can be completed at the information booth in front of the card club before you enter the track so you won’t have to pay for your visit to pick up the card. Sorry for any inconvenience but because of gaming regulations and the need to verify the age of the people receiving cards you will need to pick up your new MVP card at the track.

Also, to reiterate from an earlier post, if you have an MVP card but have not received a new card this year, you will need to do so since the track has replaced the old computer system with a new one and the old cards will not work.


2 thoughts on “VIP Card Update

  1. Our best to Clay, the owners of Casey’s on Call and the jockey’s who were riding in the 2nd race at Hawthorne today. Tough to see horses go down like that in the stretch. Happened to us in the late 1989 with a horse named War Gun. It is always a hard thing to endure.

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