Bullet Work

MARYJEAN worked five furlongs today at Hawthorne in 1:01 flat. It was the fastest work of the day at that distance so it earned a “bullet”. A bullet is the black circle that you see next to a workout in the past performances which indicates, not to be repetitive but, the fastest work of the day at that distance. Now if only two horses worked it doesn’t mean much but in a group of 20, like she was today, that’s relatively impressive.

Timed workouts are used to keep a horse in condition between races. An horse in condition will work every week to ten days and should cover ground at a rate of about 12 seconds a furlong – or a minute for five. This is just a rough guide and varies from track to track. Our girl went in 1:01 but was the fastest of the day which indicates the time was perfectly fine.

To a trainer it’s not really how quick the work was but HOW the horse did it. If the she was all out to get the time and came back winded and exhausted, that would be less impressive than if she did a slightly slower work but came back and wasn’t breathing hard enough to blow out a candle. Additionally, trainers want different things out of each work. Maybe she’ll work in company (with another horse) and learn to race in close quarters, or how to close on an opponent or learn to run pinned next to the rail? There are a lot of reasons a work may not be the fastest but the trainer will still deem it a success.

Our girl went well today and Clay was impressed. I think his goal was to see what he has under the hood and that mission was accomplished. Look for her to travel to Minnesota toward the end of next week when we’ll get some pictures and maybe some video up on line.


14 thoughts on “Bullet Work

  1. Hey, this is exciting! Thanks Ted & Clay & Maryjean! I’ll be at the track opening day (of course) and can’t wait to see our new sweetie strut her stuff.

    • We’ve lu claimed one horse so far and MARYJEAN is it. We are still looking and it may come down to claiming here at home.

  2. Anyone know if you can bet the races at canterbury park on twinspires.com? Sorry to hijack a thread, but if I can’t make it to the track, I would like to put a little cash on Maryjean. Thanks.

    • If you are in Minnesota the answer is no. Internet wagering is not allowed in Minnesota. I have heard varying viewpoints on it and have heard why it is and why it isn’t but it’s my understanding that regulations do not allow for Advance Deposit Wagering in-state – on any racetrack. If you live out of the state, then it’s my understanding that you would be able to. I’m not a lawyer and not overly familiar with the statute but this is my understanding.

    • I reside in MN. I have had an advance deposit wagering account with DRFBets since 11/1/2012. I can wager at any track EXCEPT the two in MN. I even wagered on races at Royal Ascot in England last year. The only quirk is if you want to wager at any track owned by Churchill Downs. Then you have to make a phone call to transfer your account to Xpressbet which runs DRFBets anyway. Your account number, password, and PIN never change. I’ve switched over and back many times. I’d say it takes 20 seconds each time and there is never a fee to do so.

  3. Hi Ted
    While Janet and I were watching the Derby, we were wondering if Jockeys can bet on themselves or on other jockeys or on other races on the card that day? Are owners allowed to slip a jockey a bet to win ticket on the horse that jockey is riding? I’m sure there are a bunch of rules and codes of conduct involved…just wondering what they are. Kathy

    • Sorry for the delay on this but I had to do a bit of research. Here is the regulation, copied from the MRC website:

      7877.0180 CONFLICTS

      Subp. 3. Owners, trainers, drivers, or jockeys. No owner, trainer, driver, or jockey shall wager to win on any horse except his or her own in a race in which he or she competes.

  4. I was wondering if Maryjean has arrived at Canterbury yet. Thought I had read in an earlier post that Clay and his horses were arriving late this past week. Anxious to see some up close pics and your video updates!

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