Keeping MJ Sharp

MARYJEAN worked a solid four furlongs today at Canterbury Park, covering the distance in :48.4 for the 4th fastest work of the day at that distance out of 16 runners.

Jeff Maday was at the work this morning and paints this picture with his words:

“Alex Canchari was up. She worked a half mile in company with another Brinson horse ridden by I Hernandez. Maryjean was outside. A Robertson horse worked right behind that pair.

The duo worked head and head and finished together, galloping out well. She was not asked for much effort.”

I spoke with Clay after the work and he said that she’s ready. He’s really given her the once over several times and her legs and joints are “tight and cool” (heat is very bad – it’s a sign of injury) and he really can’t find anything wrong with her.

We’re looking at a race the second weekend of the meet. I’ll have more details in a few weeks so as not to tip our hand too boldly.

Jeff and Michelle Benson will be heading to the backside this week to get us some video of MJ. Once that is edited and complete, I will post it here. I also will be taking a look at the membership list and breaking the group down into subgroups for the pre-race paddock access (we can’t have 200 people there at once!) and I will post those as well when it’s complete.


5 thoughts on “Keeping MJ Sharp

  1. Ted what’s the thought of claiming another horse. I would guess if we claim another it would be at Canterbury . Or could we purchase one outright? Thanks for the update!

    • We are actively looking for another horse and it will be at Canterbury. Not sure when yet, but we have our eyes open and are looking – two seems like the right number for now.

  2. I am interested in learning how to bet using all of the stats listed in the racing program and stat history, but I don’t know what much of it means. Does Canterbury offer any educational classes on this? Or can anyone recommend a good resource to learn the betting process? Thanks!

    • Canterbury runs an excellent program over the winter called “Canterbury College”. It’s five days over a period of a couple of months that is specifically designed for novice handicappers and starts from square one on handicapping, but that program just ended. There are some online resources listed on the Canterbury website at and there usually are a couple of seminars throughout the live racing season to keep an eye out for. The DRF’s Brad Free has a book called “Handicapping 101” that is a nice resource and I believe it is sold in the Canterbury gift shop.

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