Jeff Introduces Us to MARYJEAN

Video produced and edited by Michelle Benson

8 thoughts on “Jeff Introduces Us to MARYJEAN

  1. When was she shipped up here? Any chance at all of being able to be out there for any of her work outs? Early morning workout would be nice to see? Jeff, I hate to be the one to mention this but this is the 2014 racing club. Start of your video you said 2013. Nice video, she looks great.

    • Given a group of 202, it’s really impossible for us to be able to get back there for a work. HOWEVER, we will be holding backstretch tours again this year and we try to do that early enough so part of the tour is during the morning workout times. Of course her working during a tour is not guaranteed because of all the variables involved (time until next race, time FROM last race, date of the tour – which have to be set in advance, etc) but it should give folks a taste of how things operate on the backside. Additionally we will try and set Michelle up to be able to video a work (and maybe Clay’s reaction to it) in order to give everyone a view of her workout.

  2. Fun to see the first look at Maryjean. From what we see and hear, she sure looks like a solid claim for the Racing Club. We look forward to seeing her run in a couple of weeks. Sounds like she will be ready to compete!

  3. Thank you for the video! It is nice to have this as a way to “meet” our mare, see a bit of her personality and hear more about how she is preparing. This is my first year participating, but I am already enjoying it! Looking forward to more updates and coming to Canterbury to watch our girl run.

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