The MARYJEAN Family Tree

Ever wonder about pedigree and all the information you see on a sales catalogue page? Michelle went ahead and, using our very own MARYJEAN as an example, takes you through her pedigree and throws in some fun facts at the end of the video!


10 thoughts on “The MARYJEAN Family Tree

    • On the captions? The blog itself?

      I used the captioning feature on WordPress so I’m not sure how much control I have over that don’t size but in the future I will just write below the pictures instead of using the “caption” feature so the print is the same size as the rest of the blog.

      • Perhaps she’s having trouble reading the catalog page on her computer? One can change the size on the computer, how it’s done depends on what browser one is using etc. One can usually zoom in to make the print bigger etc. Maybe that will help.

      • I realized that I’m actually a post ahead in my answer so…sneak preview, pictures are coming!

        There is nothing we can do about adjusting the don’t size on a video. You’re right: the only option is to increase the size of the video if your PC allows it.

  1. So what is a 4th Dam? Would that be like the great, great Grandma? And if so, and I’m understanding this correctly MJ’s great, great Grandma was sired by Secretariat? Wow – MJ has Secretariat blood in her? That is pretty cool!!

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