Paddock Groups

Given the sheer size of the racing Club, the last few years we have split the group into several smaller groups and rotated paddock access. There have been a few requests to start at another point rather than the front of the alphabet, so this year I split the group into five and then drew a number out of a hat to see which group would lead us off. This year, Group 3 will be the initial group and then we’ll follow with Group 4, Group 5, Group 1, Group 2 for each consecutive start.

We’d like to limit paddock access to Club members +1. It gets very dangerous for people and horses when large numbers of people are in the paddock. Twice last year there were near incidents (thankfully not while we were in there and no one got hurt) with one Quarter Horse nearly scampering through the center of the walking ring and one Thoroughbred actually getting loose and breaking through the fence before being corralled. Both could have been disastrous.

Some guidelines for the paddock:

– If the horses are already walking in the walking ring you are too late. Do NOT enter the paddock once the horses have come out from the saddling area.

– When in the paddock, try to be near the number that corresponds with our horse and fill in behind the number toward the center of the paddock. Other folks wants to be with their horses as well so we don’t want to overflow into their spots.

– Stay several feet back from the dirt walking ring in the grass area. Crowding near the jockey and trainer could create a situation where the horses get spooked.

– Be aware! It’s an exciting place to be but just be aware of your surroundings and what is going on. Just in case!

Heather is working with Coady Photography to try and come up with a plan for Winners’ Circle photos if we’re lucky enough to win a race. Last year the Circle got a little crazy and the potential for someone to get hurt is very real. I hope to announce a plan on Saturday – just in case we run and get lucky on Sunday!

Here are the groups:

GROUP 1 – Allen – Debele
GROUP 2 – Degen – Hennis
GROUP 3 – Herold – Manson
GROUP 4 – Martell – Scheper
GROUP 5 – Schneidermann – Ziegler

Remember: we’ll be starting with GROUP 3 on Sunday (if the race goes and we run!).


11 thoughts on “Paddock Groups

    • Yes, BUT apparently my list was alphabetized in a couple for different spots. I clarified and reposted. It should make sense now!

  1. I also thought that she was going to run on Saturday vs Sunday? Did this change? Made other plans for Sunday (darn)…

    • This was clarified in an answer to someone else’s question a few days ago. Sorry for any confusion. There are 8 or 9 races that make up the main body of the condition book and then there are what are called “substitute” races. If ALL the “main” races fill, then that will be your race card. In order for a substitute race to be used, one of the main races has to not fill. The race we are looking at is a substitute race so there is a chance that it will not be used – more of a chance than if it was in the “main” section of the day’s potential races. We will know tomorrow afternoon.

  2. We didn’t get the notice that Mary Ann was running. Is she there on Sunday for certain?

    Joan Drenth

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • Absolutely not; we will not know until tomorrow afternoon. Please see my answer to an earlier question from Craig on this post for more detailed explanation.

    • Absolutely. We’ve not seen anything that we like enough yet. When I talked to Clay the other day about what has been coming out he counseled patience and that he has no fear that we’ll get another one.

  3. Hi

    I’m wondering if the names in the groups are correct. My last name is Harris and if I look at your groupings I would fall into both group 2 and group 5

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks Becky Harris Sent from my iPhone


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