No Race Sunday; Maybe Monday

The race that we were pointing to did not fill for Sunday. It was brought back as an “extra” for Monday which means that they will take entries on the race again and hopefully there will be a few more so that the race can be used on Memorial Day.

Entries will be drawn for Monday tomorrow so by mid-afternoon tomorrow we will know if we’re racing on Monday.


5 thoughts on “No Race Sunday; Maybe Monday

  1. It seems to be two different groups listed We will be there on Mon. maybe in the paddock or not.
    Doug & Judie Plehal

    • Here are the groups:

      GROUP 1 – Allen – Debele
      GROUP 2 – Degen – Hennis
      GROUP 3 – Herold – Manson
      GROUP 4 – Martell – Scheper
      GROUP 5 – Schneidermann – Ziegler

  2. Morning Ted. Since it is a claiming race, is it possible that she could get claimed right away? Or am I misunderstanding what that means?

    • You’re right on the money, she absolutely could be claimed from us right away. I don’t think it’s probable, but it could happen.

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