MJ is A-OK!

MARYJEAN surging to the lead!

MARYJEAN surging to the lead!


The Club kicked off in style this season by winning it’s initial outing (I like this tradition we’ve started!!)!

MARYJEAN, under Alex Canchari, passed HOLLYWOOD KNOCKOUT in deep stretch to bring us to 1-0 an the season. She was very well placed throughout and once Alex got her to change leads mid-stretch, she was really able to dig in and get passed her rival. Keep in mind that HOLLYWOOD KNOCKOUT has hit the board in several allowance races at Remington and Prairie Meadows, so this win was even more impressive to me than just beating a bunch of $10,000 claimers.

She came back to the barn and cooled out just fine though you never really know for a day or two after a race how well they came back. Clay told me he’d call me if he had to but that no news is good news – so let’s hope for the silent treatment for the next day or so.

Thanks and kudos go out to Alex, Clay, Juan and the rest of “Team Brinson” to get the job done for us!

MJ full of confidence in the walking ring

MJ full of confidence in the walking ring

Winners’ Circle photos will be available from Saturday forward at the gift shop on the first floor just inside from the paddock. We will have an initial run of 40 there at $10 each. Once those are sold out you can order one there and pick it up in about two racing days by bringing in your receipt and ID.

The Winners’ Circle was a bit more crazy than usual this time and we’re going to work on having the next one taken on the racetrack so it’s not as confining for the people and the horse – providing we’re fortunate enough to get there again.

Congratulations again, folks, enjoy!!


12 thoughts on “MJ is A-OK!

  1. Since I had to work last night and tonight, we just dropped in right as race 3 went off and stayed til race 4 was over. Was a lot of fun, was great to have something to pull for other then trying to cash in the couple bucks you had riding on a horse you picked based on the color or the name. She ran a great race. Only “problem” was that we couldn’t find anyone else in the group – I walked through Silks and didn’t see any signs or anything that would let us know where our reserved area was – Maybe everyone had moved in close to the track by then? No idea. Only suggestion I would have is make it easier for us all to get together. Didn’t try to get into the winner’s circle – just took some pictures of my daughter by the fence in front of the horse while they cooled her off. Will definitely be there next race.

    • It was a great win! I apologize for the lack of signage – the same thing happened to me when I went down there! I’ll make sure that we have signs next time! Congratulations!

  2. That was a great win! Ted you were saying you thought she might try at the $16000 claiming level. By the looks of this effort she looks like she could handle the jump in class. Should be a fun summer! Thank you team Brinson! Alex C.

    • We’ll see how she comes back and decide where to go next. Glad to get the first win! Now we need to get #2!! Congratulations!

  3. It was a happy day with the win!!! Thanks Team Brinson!! If we go to the track to take pictures – please let the shorter people be in the front!!

  4. Great win by Maryjean and perfectly timed ride by Alex. Glad to see an early win. Is there a Beyer’s speed figure available yet? We look forward to her upcoming races and Horse 2 coming soon!

    • Her Beyer was 71, the same as her last race at Hawthorne when we claimed her – both career bests in a winning effort. Her best overall was a 72 but in that race she finished up the track in an allowance.

    • I may have to do a separate post on this.

      Yes we are looking for a second horse but we’re not going to claim one just to have another one. Clay and I are on the lookout and certainly want to add one sooner rather than later.

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