Race Day Video

Once again Michelle Benson has done an outstanding job putting together a video of our girl’s winning effort on Memorial Day. ENJOY!

6 thoughts on “Race Day Video

  1. Thanks for posting the video! We were unable to be there but were cheering her on while watching the race live on the computer. It looked very exciting! Congrats and thanks to the Maryjean team!

  2. Well…

    Purchase of the horse(s);
    Training (hay, grain, bedding, Clay’s expertise)
    Vet care;
    Farrier work;
    No additional liability for members;
    Club management;
    Free unlimited admission all season for members.

    As has been discussed on the blog at the end of last year and earlier this year, there was at least $1000 worth of unclaimed photos – your money that might as well have been thrown away.

    We threw out the idea of people paying a nominal sum for a winners circle photo (much less than the normal photos cost) and the response was positive so we went with that option.

    This arrangement has been posted several times this year so hopefully it’s not a surprise to anyone.

    • Hi Ted~ I was going to drive to CB yesterday to go to gift store to get a photo, but my husband thought that the gift store wouldn’t be open during the day. Do you know what the gift store hours are so I can get there to buy a picture. Also, maybe a phone number to call them to make sure there are still photos available before I drive down. Otherwise, who exactly do we contact to “order” one if the first batch is sold out? Thanks!

      • The gift shop is open about a half hour prior to first post (6:30 PM Thursday and Friday, 12:45 PM weekends) and closes about a half hour after the last race concludes on race days. You can call the main number, (952) 445-7223, and ask for the gift shop. As of last Sunday only 15 photos were picked up out of the initial run of 40. The gift shop will take orders in person but I’m not sure that they are equipped to take orders over the phone. I’ll check on that.

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