The Next Horse

I realize that everyone is chomping at the bit for the second horse – and Clay and I want to bring you one as well. There are a couple of things that we don’t want to do:

– Claim a “project” if we can help it. They are too expensive and carry too much risk. That’s not to say that we won’t make a mistake but we’d like to try and avoid it if we can.

– Buy a horse to just have another. We want to make sure that we have a horse that is going to be competitive and give us a run for our money.

We are looking from $7500 – $16,000 and, as field sizes hopefully start to increase as horses get into shape to run, there will hopefully be more choices available than there have been and provide us with more opportunity. There will be a second horse, I just can’t give you an exact date but with fields filling up there is more opportunity than the first couple of weekends!


13 thoughts on “The Next Horse

  1. I agree, we have faith in you and Clay to find the right horse. I’m really pleased that Maryjean wasn’t claimed out of her race from us which could have happened. That’s all part of the claiming process.

  2. Great Bam needed a lot of vetting. Took most of the season. But ran good when healed. Ask Eddy needed some teeth work and fattening up. He ran really GREAT when he was healed!!

  3. Sounds good U guys are the experts! I thought Hollywood Knockout was impressive and maybe our gal surprised HK at the end.

  4. Ted, will you be doing a monthly expense/reconciliation stmt for the group? We picked up our winners circle photo on Saturday, it turned out really nice! The gift shop process seems to work well.

    • Yes I will. We don’t have a training or vet bill yet but I’ve already started the spreadsheet. Once we get those in I’ll post.

  5. Reply to second horse. Canterbury has a very short season and a good horse can only run after 2-3 weeks rest. Maybe we need to start looking earlier next year. By the time we get one, we won’t have much time to see him/her run. We had a horse in very few races last year. I know at times it is hard to find the right race or they get claimed, but this is just another reason to find the horses before the Canterbury season starts. I like to see them run.

    • We started looking four weeks earlier this season as opposed to last. Part of what we have run in to is a serious shortage of horses as evidenced by the cancellation of several racing dates back east and the short fields in places like Churchill among others.

      Last year we ran an extraordinary number of times I thought and Clay doesn’t like to bring horses back more frequently than 3 weeks – if they’re ready and there is a race that fits.

      I understand the frustration and we are working diligently on it.

  6. What are the odds of getting a Minnesota bred horse ? I like the new purse structure
    helping out Minnesota-breds.

    • We’ve looked at a couple and I agree with you on the purse structure but it needs to be a horse that can also compete at Hawthorne and be an attractive claim/sale at the end of the year. Remember, the parameters of the Club state that all the horses need to be claimed or sold off by 12/31 so we need to make sure that we have an attractive potential sale as well.

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