Bookkeeping and Claiming

Michelle got Horsemen’s Bookkeeper Tiffany Leggett to take some time to explain what the bookkeeper does and how the mechanics of claiming work.

17 thoughts on “Bookkeeping and Claiming

  1. Really enjoyed the video and the topic. How about one on entering horses for a race. You described it in a earlier post, but I think it could be a good one for a video with what the computer screens include and timeline. Also the topic of a race close to filling and being considered for a extra ( formal process or word of mouth).
    How many backside tours are you thinking of this year and any idea of the possible timing?

    • We’ll be looking at 2 – late June/early July and one in August. We may add a third if the demand is there.

  2. Great and educational video – keep them coming.
    On another topic, I have been following last years horses as many are probably doing.
    Mundy hasn’t done much this year. Ask Eddy has had some workouts but has not run this year. Anybody know why? I thought he would do OK this year.

  3. My question on the video is with claiming a horse. Can we claim a horse from another track or only from Canterbury? The way it sounded was that we can only claim from Canterbury right now.

    • You can only claim at tracks where you’re licensed and have money on account with the track bookkeeper for us, that’s CBY and Hawthorne. In theory we could claim at Arlington but Clay really likes to make sure he can look a horse over first.

  4. Thanks for the video, Ted!! How about doing a video at the testing barn where they take urine and blood samples of winning horses? A video of the jockeys’ dressing room and how they keep all the owner’s silks in order and what a jockey’s valet does would be interesting too! Thanks again for the cool videos. Looking forward to the backside tours. I’ll bring the peppermints! Kathy

  5. Great Video from Michelle. Ted, in the video Tiffany explains that the owner filling out the claiming slip needs to include their trainer’s name, name of their current horse, etc. I am wondering what is the process for starting out. Let’s say, for example, I wanted to be an owner by myself. Can I obtain a racing license before I have a trainer or horse? Could my first horse be a claim? Or would I have to purchase one privately, stable him/her at the track with a trainer before I could use the claiming process? Please explain the process if I were just starting out as a new owner. Thanks, Craig

    • You would have to fill out a license application with the racing commission and on your application you will need to list your trainer so you will have to have him/her in place at that time. You will also have to have money on deposit with the bookkeeper to cover the price of the claim. Once you have claimed your horse, you will be issued your license. When I filled out my license at Hawthorne, for example, in the space where you list the horses you own, I was told to list “for claiming purposes” so they knew that while I didn’t have a horse currently, I needed my licensed reviewed to be able to claim.

  6. The videos have been solid, a nice layer added to the experience. On a side note, I was curious as to why Alex Canchari doesn’t have any rides tonight?

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