An Exercise Rider’s View

Here is a very cool video of MARYJEAN on one of her morning gallops from the rider’s perspective.

10 thoughts on “An Exercise Rider’s View

    • Juan has usually been riding her, I’ve been away all week so I was not there for this video. When a horse is dialed in like that and paying attention, her ears will move to listen to the verbal cues her rider is giving her.

  1. Horse Message
    Horse name Maryjean
    Activity type Workout
    Activity date 06-14-2014
    Track Canterbury Park
    Surface Dirt
    Distance 4 Furlongs
    Workout type Breezing
    Workout time 0:50.60
    Track condition Fast

      • Well, another weekend has filled and MaryJean is not running. At this rate, will all of us even get into the paddock before the end of the racing season?

      • A post will be up shortly explaining why it’s difficult to get a race for her. We understand it’s frustrating – I have 2 horses of my own that have yet to make a start.

  2. Looking at the condition book, June 29th the 4th race looks like something she might be able to handle. Six furlongs, 7500 claiming for fillies and mares. Would we think about a allowance race on the turf? I think in an earlier post it was said she might do good on the turf.

    • After winning at $10,000 we might as well pack her bags if we enter her for $7500.

      If we go for an allowance, it would be on the dirt. I don’t kind trying the turf but in a claiming spot.

  3. ted iknow you guys are watching to claim another although i appreciate your patience and not just claim to claim my question is if and when we do claim will we or can we own that horse longer and continue to race at another track after canterbury meet is over also wondering if some racing club members would continue partnership year around or if that is to hard to manage either way great job all around so far looking forward to MARYJEANS next race thanks for your comments RICK PAGEL

    • Our horse(s) will move at the end of the meet with Clay to Hawthorne. We cannot continue the Club year round due to tax and securities implications so the Club is a one year deal that must be free of horses by 12/31 of each year.

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