Financials Through May 31

Below is the link to the first spreadsheet for the 2014 Club. You’ll see with all expenses factored in (except for the vet – that bill is ALWAYS a slow one in coming) we’re down about $6,000 from when the group closed BUT we know we have a horse that is worth at least $10,000. All in all, not bad but we’re hoping to take some of that capital and get us our second horse this weekend and also get MJ into her next race as well.

We covered Clay’s training, MJ’s vanning from Hawthorne ($350), her shoeing, dentistry, pony to post and his winning commission and groom bonus.

2014 CBY RC Running Financials Mar – May


14 thoughts on “Financials Through May 31

  1. I would still like to join the Club and pay the fee. Please let me know if this is still an option. Thank you.

    • Sorry Joe, the Club closed the end of Feb 2014. We will reopen for 2015 the beginning of the year. I hope that you will join us then. Thanks for following along.

  2. The daily trainer fee must cover a lot of different expenses. I say this because we don’t detail out hot walker, daily grooms, asst trainer etc. Could you fill out the picture of what expenses (wages) the trainer has to cover as well as what Cby charges a barn/backside worker for, and what they provide for free just for running at the track. Also, those Cby charges/freebies how to those differ from comparable tracks (you always hear Cby treats barns better than many other tracks).


    • The trainer’s daily rate takes care of assistant trainer, hot walker, grooms, feed, hay and most supplements. The trainer also needs to carry worker’s compensation insurance. CBY, and virtually all other racetracks (I don’t know of any that charge actually), do not charge for trainers to use their facilities. However, they DO want them to race. If a trainer takes up a lot of stalls and doesn’t race much, he/she may find herself with a cutback in the number of stalls they will receive the following year.

  3. Ted, your replies to all of our questions are great. But every time you answer one question, another one springs up in my mind.

    1) With all of our members, we probably have $50,000 in our bank account at Canterbury? Why don’t next year we not look for 2 horses to claim but claim one higher class horse who’s ready to race in the Allowance races? Last, year it was Mundy we bought for $16,000 at the Allowance level if I remember right. So since she was not in a claiming race, was that an Allowance/Optional Claiming Race that we purchased her at?
    2) How much influence, if any at all, do horse owners and trainers have on the Racing Secretary to get them to write a race for a horse that we own so we can run our horse in a “timely” fashion? It would be interesting if you could do a video segment with the Racing Secretary to see how they write the races and get them filled and what goes into all of that. How do they keep all of the horses straight with all of the horses in the barns? Which begs the question, how many horses are stabled at Canterbury right now?
    3) It would be interesting to do a video of Paul Allen calling a race and learn how he developed his style of race calling and how he keeps all the horses names straight during the race and still make it sound so easy. The videos you are putting together are awesome. I liked the “How to Claim a Horse” video and the jockey and exercise rider helmet cam videos are always fun to watch. Thanks again Ted! Kathy

    • I’ll take them in order, Kathy:

      1) MUNDY was in an optional claimer which gives the trainer the option of tagging them. He did and we took her. This WAS they strategy we were using. Now we’re just looking for something sound that we can run and hopefully win with.

      2) There really isn’t a ton of influence, per se. A trainer can give his opinion and lay out reasoning why a certain race should be written and sometimes the secretary agrees and writes the race. Other times there are reasons why the RC doesn’t want to run that condition and he’ll explain that to the trainer as well. Not sure of the exact number right now, but close to 1400 horses are stabled here.

      3) As far this and the video of the RC go, I will pass that along to Jeff and Michelle and we’ll see if we can.

  4. Looks like you all are doing a good job on putting info out about this whole project. What type of races are you looking at for your horses? My other question is why is the licensing fee 75 in one month then nothing then another 50? Is this a recurring cost? Hope we can find another race that will fit MaryJean soon, just have to wait and see.

    • The license fees are non-recurring. The $75 fee was the cost of licensing the group in Illinois while the $50 was the Minnesota fee for the group.

      As far as our own horses, our BOURBONOLOGY, a 5-year old mare, is making her seasonal debut this afternoon in a $20,000 non-winners of 2 lifetime race over the turf while ELUSIVE EDITION should be making her career debut (3YO MN bred filly) next Sunday in a maiden special weight.

    • We privately purchased both: Bourbonology last year from Bourbon Lane Stables (Joan Scott trainer) and Elusive Edition from her breeder when she just turned 2.

  5. Ted: Just checked your Maryjane Financials; top states its for 2013. ??? Also shouldn’t her name appear somewhere at the top or at the purchase level? Maybe it does and I just don’t see it. Thanks for your efforts.

    • I just cleared out the spreadsheet from last year and didn’t change the date. I will do so next update. I’ll also add her name if you like.

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