The Dance Continues

A race for fillies and mares at $7500 was drawn the other day and did not fill. It COULD have gone with six if we chose to enter but Clay strategically declined to enter. The thought is that if the $7500 doesn’t fill, the $10,000 might now with some of those going into the $10,000 along with legitimate $10,000 horses as well as a couple that might not be able to get into a $16,000 that doesn’t fill either. That $10,000 race is scheduled to be run on July 6, the same as the Prairie Meadows race. We’d prefer to run here for a couple of reasons:

1) We would run at home so everyone can see her race;

2) No shipping – always better to stay home if you can for familiarity and safety;

3) No shipping charges. Though the purse is $3000 more than the race here, that means the winner’s share is $1800 more (if we were to win). Taking out round trip shipping the difference is $1000 – IF we can win. If she doesn’t…then we would have lost money vs staying here and winning.

The risk/reward appears to be in staying and running at $10,000 here. Now should this race not fill, then we will be looking elsewhere as well as here to run.

In other news, there were a few horses that we were looking at but for one reason or another (age, appearance, etc.), we passed. But we are still looking here as well as in Chicago and elsewhere to get our second horse.


13 thoughts on “The Dance Continues

  1. I for one would not ship elsewhere. Your right when you talk about the pitfalls of horse ownership and one of them being dealing with the condition book. Finding the right race for your horse can be a challenge. Ted I don’t know if it’s better to claim a male horse over a female horse( there seems to be more opportunities for the boys then girls… ) Maybe something to think about for next time. Just some thoughts! Thanks.

  2. I thought Geldautomat ran a pretty big number to break his maiden last month, and was running MSWs in Santa Anita earlier this year, yet he’s been up for $6250 and not been claimed by anyone despite only being 3 and having F. Pegasus for a sire. Do people just figure he’s a dud from his PP and speed figs?

    • He certainly broke his maiden with aplomb. Had a bit of a rough start next out but when dropped significantly was life and death to hold on to win at $6250. I wouldn’t call him a dud, but he’s certainly a lower level horse – not that there is anything wrong with that. EDDY was low level and was very useful for us. EDDY also had a balky ankle and, as you’ve seen, is having a tough time getting back to the races this year. I haven’t taken a good physical look at him or talked to Clay, but I’m thinking – and this is purely a guess – that there may be something off with him and the word is out.

  3. I would rather have the horse race here so that I can be part of the excitement. Prairie Meadows is closer than Arlington. It would be easier to get to if it is decided that we must ship Mary Jean.
    But then again – I went to Hawthorne so I suppose I could get to Arlington. Just keep us posted like you have been!!

  4. We still have 2&1/2 months of racing in Minnesota so it’s better to wait than to do something that we may regret later. Don’t they say that patience is a virtue.

  5. I totally agree. The investment doesn’t equal the financial reward to pay for travel. But if there were a opportunity to run here and win, to buy another horse would give us the chance to race in two different venues if possible! Baby steps were in for several years if this works my husband and I !!!

  6. It’s MJ’s turn !

    Horse name Maryjean
    Activity type Workout
    Activity date 06-24-2014
    Track Canterbury Park
    Surface Dirt
    Distance 4 Furlongs
    Workout type Breezing
    Workout time 0:48.00
    Track condition Fast

  7. After the races closes for entries how long before we will know if the race filled? Do a lot of trainers wait till the last day or so before they enter? If by chance it doesn’t fill back to the 7500 on the 13th? Would one week of rest not be enough for MJ? Could she do both races?

    • She most likely couldn’t do both. If this doesn’t fill we’ll be looking at a 7500 here or a 10 – 12,500 in IA or IL. We’ll be looking everywhere for a race.

      • obviously she needs a race. her works have been good and the little I know its time for her to race. best at Canterbury, but either pm or Arlington if necessary. clay is a great trainer and whatever he thinks is what we should do.

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