MARYJEAN came running late but couldn’t rally into a very hard main track and the speed held with SWITCHEN ER UP and SPUTEY’S CABIN, the early duelers, held on to take the top two spots.

Upon dismounting, Alex told Heather that the track was so hard it was impossible for her to rally. We were as much as 9 lengths back bending into the turn where MJ made a nice, and sustained, move into the lane but – from what Paul Allen said to me after the race – she didn’t switch leads in the lane which also inhibited her ability to close more resolutely.

We’ll follow up with Clay after the races as well as in a few days when she’s had a chance to cool out and see how she came back and we’ll go from there.


5 thoughts on “MARYJEAN Third

  1. Good job to Maryjean and her support staff. Staying in the money is a good place to be. We don’t want to jump quick and buy into a project. You only get to spend your money once.

  2. Good thing I’m not a farmer, because Canterbury Park would own it now. I had a feeling given her incredible outside run last time that the #1 slot would be a problem. Oh well, next time.

  3. At least I had a sweet $20 bet across the board on Switchin for $310. Very successful hedge although I was really looking forward to getting in that winner’s circle again.

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