MJ Video And More

Here is a video that the incomparable Michelle Benson put together for us of MARYJEAN’s day.

Unless there is something that Clay picks up on a visual inspection, look for a claim slip to be dropped later this week.

Financials should be updated shortly though we still have not received a vet bill…

MARYJEAN came back just fine. Clay had her scoped after the race which revealed that she bled a little bit during the race but not too much. There will be an adjustment of Lasix for her next race but she is fine. Generally speaking when a horse is affected by bleeding they’ll virtually stop running and she was far from that as she was still gaining near the end of the race. On a scale of 1 – 5 she was maybe a 1. We’ll see how she is when she heads back to the track and go from there with her next race.

Now without further ado…


11 thoughts on “MJ Video And More

  1. Looking back at your financials through May, you list a claiming price for MJ to be $10,000. Didn’t we claim her for $8,000?

  2. Very nice, thank you. That really shows how the dirt is kicked back and why jockeys wear more than one set of goggles in a race. Glad MJ came back OK, it was a good race.

    • I was going to ask about the dirt, and what happens if a jockey can’t see … another set of goggles (or more?) that could be pulled off would help … though it really makes me wonder how bad things can get on a muddy track …

    • Exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), or “bleeding”, occurs when blood enters the air passages of a horse’s lung, which may lead to the impairment of lung function. Evidence of EIPH can be found in almost all horses that engage in short periods of strenuous exercise such as racing. Horses with severe EIPH develop nosebleeds, while horses with less severe cases may not show any signs at all. In MARYJEAN’s case, her episode was very mild – less than a one on a 1-5 scale – as opposed to ASK EDDY’s episode which was a strong 5. Lasix is the primary treatment for EIPH.

    • I see Terice is now owned by the Racing Club. Just won a two way Claim shake from the 5th race. Terice was an impressive winner.

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