More on TERICE and June Financials

Terice came back from her win the other night in fine fettle, though we always know more when they head back to the racetrack. We’ve heard she can a bit to handle but she seemed nice enough when we went to go see her in the barn. Of course if she wants to get feisty when she heads to the racetrack, I’m okay with that!

Here are some pictures of her the day she foaled and then another a little while later. Also attached are her lifetime past performances which shows her flexibility and the updated financials for the month of June. It should be noted that we still have not received a vet bill.

Terice on her birthday

Terice on her birthday

Close up birthday shot.

Close up birthday shot.

A little older and stronger

A little older and stronger

Terice PPs

2014 CBY RC Running Financials June


7 thoughts on “More on TERICE and June Financials

  1. wow that looks like a nice claim hopefully ted and clays patience pays off kudos to you guys ted what do you think the plan will be for terice she has won 3? in a row does she have the game to try a stakes or is that to lofty a goal ? it would be exciting just my thought thanks RICK PAGEL

    • Her speed figures have been pretty good and if we had a chance at a state bred turf route stake I would be willing to give it a go, I think. We’ll have to get her back on the track again this week and see what Clay thinks.

  2. Great claim Ted and Clay! I have always thought that the Club should claim a MN bred! Awesome to see it finally happen! Now lets go get some of that extra purse money!

  3. Ted, what are the chances that both of our girls will be racing in the Fillies Race for Hope August 10? It sure would be cool to meet both of our girls in the Winner’s Circle in one day!! Kathy

    • I’m sure that we will run them both before then (I hope!!). Also, it’s no longer a day for exclusively female racing so the choices are limited to a regular race card offering. We’ll have to wait and see how both go between now and then.

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