Tour and Directions

We’re full up for Sunday! Very exciting stuff. Michelle, Heather and I will meet you at the stable gate and then escort you all in.

If you’re not familiar with where the stable entrance is, here are some directions:

If you come off of 169 on Canterbury Rd, go past the track, past Culver’s and you’ll see the KMart warehouse on your right and the backside on your left. Take the next left and then your first left into the stable gate area. There is some parking available. If you can’t fit, you can park across the street near the open field, but please make sure that you are pulled as far to the side off the road as you can be.

See you Sunday!!


4 thoughts on “Tour and Directions

  1. Thanks, Ted, Heather and Michelle, for a great educational tour. For years I’ve wondered what it was like “beyond the tote board” and today I got to see what goes on. It was really fun to see Terice workout on the track, and her and MaryJean back in the barns. For any members that we’re thinking about going, I’d highly recommend the next tour! Thanks again for taking your time to do this, and also to the others you made arrangements with to make this so much fun. (The pool guy, and the people who so patiently held the horses while everyone fed them carrots and took photos with them)!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and felt it was worthwhile. It was an awful lot of fun for us too – the tours are the highlight of the summer for me!

  2. A very nice workout by Maryjean this morning. She was 1 of 24 workouts going 4 furlongs in 47:80. Hope that is a sign of her new medication levels and she is ready for a good Sunday race!

  3. Make that 47:20 in four furlongs for Maryjean. I had looked at old friend Mundy’s time and got hers listed instead.

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