Racing Friday Night

MARYJEAN is going on Friday night. We entered her in a first level allowance race for horses that have never won a race outside of maiden, claiming and starters which is why she fits in this condition – she’s only ever won a maiden race and claimers.

We had the option of possibly dropping her down to $5,000 claiming to get a race but the thought was that there are times when these first level allowances come up light and she’s been training excellent so we’d give her a shot there with the option of dropping down later in the meet. The race is the 5th going six furlongs over the dirt with a purse of $28,500. Alex Canchari has opted to ride another in the race but we don’t miss a beat with Ry Eikleberry getting the mount.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Friday night at the track is a very busy time and all the venues are booked so this is one of the rare times that the club will not have a place of our own for everyone to gather. I will meet you all in the paddock prior to the race.

Group 5, you all are up this time. As a reminder, group 5 consists of Schneidermann – Ziegler.

We are aiming for TERICE to run on August 9.


12 thoughts on “Racing Friday Night

  1. This is exciting, an allowance race and it looks like she belongs. My only wish is that we could be there! Unfortunately a family reunion is taking precedence. Plus – on the 9th a family wedding! Argh! I hope she does well and we’ll cheer her on online.

    • She does seem to fit well. Platinum Lady on the inside had a smashing maiden win and earned an 88 Beyer Speed Figure in the process, but that race seemed to be of an anomaly from the first two. That said, we have a shot but it will be hard.

  2. Ted thanks for all You do. Couple of questions as this Club was formed as an
    entry level owners experience. I agree there is no droppoff employing the services of Ry Elderberry, but does Alex opting to pilot the 5 horse reflect his assessment of Our chances or was he previously committed? Secondly, Clay has two entries in the race, is one horse more”well meant” than the other? Horses generally stay in form cycle for so long, is it counter productive to possibly use up both for one top purse? I Realize You may have to tip toe around these questions as not to tip Our hat. THANKS

    • In general, a jock will take off of a horse for the two reasons you mention. In this case, I’m not sure which is the proper one but if he thinks he has a better chance with his new mount, I personally disagree – but that’s why we run the race!

      As for the other entry by our trainer, there are varied reasons why they would enter two: owner wants that level if race; it’s the only spot the horse can run in; the trainer enters the horse so the race fills; and so on. In this case, again, I’m not fully sure of the reason but I can’t see this being a spot where Clay would want to place the $6,250 claim.

      Finally, a trainer, given his/her way, would prefer not notary two in the same race but if two animals in the barn fit the conditions and are ready to go, the trainer has a responsibility to the owners to let the race play out.

  3. We’re sitting in MJ’s hometown and there’s nowhere to watch the race. The local Jai Alai club has an extremely crappy OTB room, but they don’t cover Canterbury. Good luck, horsie!

    • Remember that if you can hook into wifi, Canterbury has the live feed on their website. Also, the app “Horse Racing Now” also carries the live feed if you’re on the go!

      • Shows how much attention I pay to things, I guess, I had no idea there was a live feed on the site – I knew they had the replays after the day is over. We’ll definitely be watching, then. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Time for a little Maryjean magic tomorrow night. Hope for a good showing and a nice off the pace victory. It would be nice to have the Racing Club back in the Winner’s Circle! Good luck to Maryjean.

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