MARYJEAN Hits Board in Allowance

MARYJEAN sat off a hot early pace out of which Platinum Lady proved herself the real deal, shaking off the pesky Mount Stepney in the lane to draw off. There was a blanket finish for second and Mount Stepney held on by the narrowest of noses, just edging out our girl.

We’ll give MJ a couple of days to cool out and we’ll see how she came back, though all early signs are good. The odds are that we will drop her back into claiming company and let her rip and see if we can get that elusive 2nd win.

In the interim, after much confusion over the date of TERICE’s next race, we will be entering her today for Thursday night in a Starter Allowance going a mile and 70 over the turf carrying a purse of $17,000. We’ll keep you posted as entries are drawn.

And, of course, for your viewing pleasure, Michelle has put together a great video of MJ’s evening including the blanket photo for 2nd through 4th.


11 thoughts on “MARYJEAN Hits Board in Allowance

  1. I thought she did very well. Platinum Lady seems to be the real deal and she did alright. She’s hit the board in all her races for us! Thank you Maryjean for a great effort!

    • Well, she started in the seven hole, rated well and missed second by a nose. I don’t think there is anything Ry could have done to win the race and nearly got her to the best finish we could have hoped for if the one proved to be the real deal…which she did.

    • “Brutal”? Did we watch the same race? I think MJ did great considering the competition. She preformed well considering the seven position and missed second by a nose! I’m incredibly impressed by how well she did!

  2. I was kind of disappointed when she got 3rd in the last race, guess I thought she’d win everything – but after 3 races looking at money finishes all 3 times is pretty awesome. We got busy with vacation stuff and completely forgot to try to watch the live feed – I tuned in half an hour too late, but watched the recap and I don’t think anyone stood a chance against the one who won, just like the race preview said. Won’t be able to attend Terice’s race if it is indeed Thursday, but will watch it online.

  3. A win and two shows in three races. There are other horses and trainers out there that would be happy to have those stats. Mary Jean and Ry did a great job and my congrats go out to both of them and Clay also. Congratulations also to the entire staff without all of you doing a great job we (the club) would not be here.

  4. I totally agree with Jim, congrats to the entire staff. Everybody involved with this club should be getting paid more for what they do, and they do it because of the love of the horses and the game.
    Ry and Alex are two of the top jocks at the track, just ask Clay.

  5. I agree with about everything mentioned here. Ry did get us home third not bad considerin his first time aboard MJ. Thought perhaps he was a bit to early and aggressive with the whip but I could be totally off base! We are blessed with Our Team and finishes!!

  6. If you are still looking at this post….know that Terice is going FRIDAY, 8/8, in the 3rd race. Predicted post time is 7:28 PM CDT, but as you know it could be a few minutes either side.

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