Not long after I hit send, Clay called and said that Terice tied up when he brought her back from the track and he had to scratch her for tonight. It’s not the end if the world by any means, but it does mean she can’t go tonight. 

For those that don’t know, “tying up” is basically a hard muscle cramp in the rear end that doesn’t relax. Clay will work with the vet to relax it and she should be good to go shortly. 

MARYJEAN is being aimed for a $10,000 claiming race on August 17, I believe is the date. 


10 thoughts on “SCRATCH!

  1. Thats too bad but those things happen. Are you watching the football game tonight. The ex fresno state quarterback Carr may get some playing time for Oakland. I will root for Minn. but I hope he does well when he is in. I hope the new quarterback Minnn drafted gets some playing time too. He may be good.


  2. Not the subject heading I wanted to see! Glad it’s a resolvable issue and that she will be fine.

    For our part, we were finally going to make the race! Argh! Next weekend isn’t any good for us again, this hasn’t been a good summer for us and racing (attendance that is).

    Hope both mares continue to do well and race when they are ready.

  3. It looks like the race they may be pointing Maryjean toward is on Saturday August 16th. What are the chances that the race will fill or are we going to have the same issue as before?

  4. How long does it typically take for a horse to recover from tying up? Will it be another couple of weeks before we look for a race?

    • From what I understand, they were able to relaxer out later that day and while there is some soreness that comes with it, she appears to have bounced back okay and could be back in as early as a week.

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