TERICE – Race Preview

Given computer issues while traveling, I am trying to preview the race with my thumbs in a car (I’m not driving!) and an airport terminal, so please forgive the inevitable spelling errors!

HEATOFTHESTORM – 37 length win last out is a bit deceptive since it was only a 3 horse field over the slop. Front running style is good for us, though. 

GOLDEN ROAD – Hit the board in her last 2, both allowances. Closing style will need speed to run at. 


NENA’S NINER – Recent claim hasn’t won since May in the Diodoro barn. Best running was on the front end, but hasn’t been there for a while. 

RIDGEOFSTONE – Gate to wire allowance winner last out, this gal knows just one way to run and we’re going to want someone out there pushing her for us so we can sit off that pace. 

WAYTOGO TRISH – closer has come to life on the turf, much like our gal, under Alex’s brother Patrick. 

VONN NEZ – has shown some life but just not able to get to the front at the end. 

Our girl should sit off the early pace. Alex certainly knows her already so that’s a plus but I do have concerns about no one going with RIDGEOFSTONE early and let her shake free uncontested. Granted, it’s harder to go gate to wire over the turf, but she’s done it before. 

I am hopeful that HEATOFTHESTORM will go with her and that NENA’S NINER  remembers how to break with alacrity which would help set us up for first run at the leaders and then be able to hold off WAYTOGO TRISH late. 

Good luck everyone!!  I’m trying to change up flights to get back and Heather is adjusting to come and get me so we may or may not be there with you all.  That said, Michelle and Jeff will be around for sure. 











4 thoughts on “TERICE – Race Preview

  1. Not going to miss anything tonight…..I was just thinking maybe you are very happy right where you are and would not want to move

  2. Even though we were a scratch, I watched the race on-line last night, and your breakdown was good Ted. Ridgeofstone got out early and alone and went gate to wire. Would have been nice to see how Terice would have ran… next time!

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