Tour on Saturday; Racing on Sunday

MARYJEAN heads back into action on Sunday against a field of $10,000 claimers including Minnesota bred stalwart, BADGE OF GLORY. Alex Canchari is in the irons and we’ll be breaking from post 7 in the 8 horse field. The race is the 3rd and I will send out a preview on Saturday. Group 1 reloads for the paddock with hopefully no last minute surprises.

Speaking of which, TERICE is doing okay and we will be looking to run her back shortly. We are still contemplating running her on Festival Day so if we can’t get her in a race in the next week and decide we want to take on some of the top Minn breds in training, we may just work her up until Festival Day.

As far as our second tour goes, here are the directions to the stable gate area:

If you come off of 169 on Canterbury Rd, go past the track, past Culver’s and you’ll see the KMart warehouse on your right and the backside on your left. Take the next left and then your first left into the stable gate area. There is some parking available. If you can’t fit, you can park across the street near the open field, but please make sure that you are pulled as far to the side off the road as you can be.

If you haven’t sent me your RSVP to for Saturday yet, please do so, there are still some spots left. We will meet you all at the stable gate at 9:30 AM. While we may wait a couple of minutes, late comers cannot be allowed entry to the backside, so please be prompt. We will check out the end of morning works, visit the admin building, go up to the pool and then head over to Clay’s barn to see our girls. Here are some ground rules to keep in mind:

– There will be a LOT of walking so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared. The tour will take about 2 hours, perhaps a bit more so be comfortable and dress for the weather;

– If you’re bringing kids, keep a close hold of them. There is a lot of potential for injury and we cannot be responsible for kids wandering off. Which leads to the next point…

– Horses have the right of way at all times. We’ll keep the group close together and make sure that we give the horses a wide berth. There will be a lot of activity this time of the morning and we need to make sure that we stay out of the way.

– When we get to Clay’s barn we will gather outside, like we did last year for those of you that went on last year’s tour. There are simply too many of us to go inside the barn. Remember that while this is a tour for us, it’s also their workplace. Juan will bring our gals out one at a time and there should be the opportunity for petting, photos and mint giving!


6 thoughts on “Tour on Saturday; Racing on Sunday

  1. Thanks for the tour, Ted, It was a lot of fun for the kid especially. I personally think the swimming horse is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. They need to build an Olympic sized horsie pool and have races in there, too.

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