Terice Video

Here is a video of Terice galloping before she had her slight issue. She’s doing better but with all that was going on I forgot to post this great video that Michelle did for everyone!

5 thoughts on “Terice Video

  1. Nice video..How did you know there was a problem with her. Did you see the cramp or did she tell you. Or couldn’t she walk right?

  2. Hey Ted~ Thanks again for a wonderful behind the scenes tour last weekend. It was so wonderful to meet both of our girls and to see such extreme differences between the two as far as their bodies. I’m excited now to see Terice race too. Are things still on for this Saturday do you know? Thanks for everything on Saturday. What an experience!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. The tours are the highlight if the summer for me.

      The race did not fill Saturday but is back as an extra for Sunday so we’ll try again tomorrow!

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