Admittedly that was disappointing. We got the race we wanted but we weren’t the one closing at the end. She was wide throughout which I don’t think Alex could have helped. She broke well and the horses inside didn’t clear off or back off so she was stuck and lacked any rally late.

She’ll be back, though probably t a lower level as we wind the meet down and see if we can get another photo.

Terice may or may not be back for Festival Day. Clay isn’t sure that she’ll be competitive enough in a dirt stake. She may enter on Wednesday for a race on Saturday. A bit if a bump up from where we got her, but not too much higher.


11 thoughts on “MARYJEAN 5th

  1. Ted are you talking Saturday the 23rd or the 30th? Also, looked like MJ did not change leads in the stretch, unless it was at the top. Did she bleed anymore?

    • I do not believe she bled at all, but we’ll have to go back and check that out later.

      Right now we’re looking at Saturday.

    • Seriously? You do realize that horses are not like cars and the jockey can only do so much, right? There are SO many other factors that go into a good performance. Jockey bashing isn’t cool, dude.

  2. I can’t help but think that MJ doesn’t seem nearly as sharp as she did before her 6 week layoff between late May and early July. She was sharp prior to the layoff, having won 2 races in a row. She seems to have lost her edge while running against similar competition. I suppose that it is possible that it may take her a few races to round back into form. I hope that she is all right physically.

    • One thing Clay mentioned after the race is that we brought her back in 16 days and she was flat. She may be one that needs more time between races. We will see her one more time before the end of the meet, but close to the end.

  3. Good point about the long layoff, I wondered if it had anything to do with the Lasiks. I’ve heard that horses run good their first time on Lasiks, but it can be detrimental the longer it’s used. Hopefully, she returns to her old self next time out. Meanwhile, let’s see what Terrice can do!!

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