We’ll Shoot for Thursday

Terice’s race didn’t get used for Sunday so we’re going to take a different tact and shoot for a slightly lower race on Thursday evening that has a better chance of filling. Because it would be on the turf, it would be one of the first races on the card because of the constraints of daylight these days.

Fingers crossed we go on Thursday.


8 thoughts on “We’ll Shoot for Thursday

  1. Tough year for club members………years past we’d get paddock visits every race day but we had half the membership we do now. Talk used to be divide the club, get two trainers and two horses. This year…….sit and wait. Five groups, probably someone gets to visit twice, most had their shot.

  2. Paddock experience or not where else can You get this much entertainment for the cost of a weekend excursion? Your idea of a split partnership sounds pretty intriguing though.

  3. I’m a past club member and ongoing follower. I’ll add my observation that besides a very big club size potentially narrowing paddock experience opportunities with gaps in racing dates, the frequency of any racing opportunities dwindles to start with when the club has fillies, especially all fillies. Much as I love them, there simply are fewer race “conditions” to even attempt to fill than for the boys. I know the club goes for the best horses available in a window of time and price, but having at least one boy every year would open more potential race dates in general..

    Talk of two trainers reminds me of one thing I have thought about as a new tweak for the club. That would be to see if a Q-horse trainer could be added as well. Especially with the size the club has now ballooned to, it would be one element of racehorse ownership the club has never explored. It might also give new race opportunities to fill in some gaps with the club thoroughbreds.

    Super-duper year or not so super year…the club consistently delivers on a unique opportunity to gain a deeper, more up-close dimension of horse racing.

  4. Hey! I like Kaye O’s ideas….get a male and a female race horse and/or have a TB and a QH. I don’t know anything about QH racing so that would be a great idea for the Club’s educational plan for 2015!! If you split the group, a person could pay $250 to buy into the TB race club or $250 to buy into the QH race club and if a person wants to do both, make a special deal of $350 or $400 to buy into both clubs. I think it would be fun to get a chance to watch both your QH and TB run on the same day and get to be in two Winner’s Circles pictures….

  5. One thing to keep in mind about adding a QH to the club…even shorter race meet than TB, which means, obviously, less time racing, fewer win chances and less paddock time. All of these things already seem to be a complaint, so would it make sense to go looking to add to that problem?

  6. As a newbee to club this year, I really don’t see what all the complaining about is for. This is a club designed for education. Where else are you going to get the opportunity for only $250 to act like a horse owner? You may only get to the paddock once or twice, but what more do you expect? If you split the club into two, you will have 1 horse tops each. With horse racing anything can happen, if you lose that one horse to injury or claim, you are going to have even less of a paddock opportunity. If you want more out of horse ownership, purchase your own horse, or be happy with what this club offers, education, opportunity all for $250 (it is a steal). Ted and Clay are doing a great job in my opinion, and they shouldn’t have to listen to all of these complaints. Appreciate the club for what it is.

  7. Having been in the club for 5 years now, I think think that each year is a dose of horse racing reality. This is not an easy game or business. The successes that the Clubs have had with many winners at Canterbury and Hawthorne is actually amazing for a group dealing with lower level claimers. To me, this years difficulty in getting into races has a lot to do with the horse population at the track. It appears that the barns are full of horses that are mainly Maidens, and non winners of 2 or 3 races. The track fills those very quickly due to their large numbers. There doesn’t to be many of the 10 to $20,000 that have won more that 3 races and running in open or State-bred races. We need to have fun with the group and have appreciation for the chance to experience this great sport for $250. Last year the group didn’t really get successful until Ask Eddy ran 2 races in Chicago and the year before that when Great Bam won 2 in Chicago. Let’s hope for 2-3 more runs before the end of the year and some success in their races.

  8. C’mon people. We’ve joined a club to learn about racing. I really think some of the posters here are the same people that insisted on every team in the little league gets a trophy. They complain because the jockey didn’t whip the horse hard enough, because they don’t win every race, because they can’t go inside the winners circle after every race. Maybe you can form a club that let’s people pose next to a plow horse and gets their photo taken, so you can say “my horse is a champion”. I’m a first year club member, and think Ted and Clay do a great job, plus they show a tremendous amount of restraint to not say “enough” and keep doing this year after year.

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