The first quarter was over 25 seconds and the half mile was :49.40 – not a snail’s pace but certainly not the fast pace we wanted to run at, for sure.

That said, I thought TERICE did a nice job, she still closed some, though she flattened out when I thought she might have been able to get up for 3rd. It could be that she was a bit too far back, given the pace (though it’s hard to be up close when you break from the 11 spot and the two outside you go) but the front-runners certainly had plenty left after that early pace.

If all goes well we hopefully will see one more start out of her before the end of the meet.

Look for MARYJEAN entering on Wednesday for next Saturday. Don’t forget too, that next Saturday Canterbury will go back to day racing and the 12:45 pm post time.


2 thoughts on “TERICE 4th

    • I’m not sure if it does. It really depends upon how the horses outside of her go. Since she will close anyhow, having horses leave on her outside won’t be a bad thing necessarily while she’ll automatically be able to save ground. The field isn’t so big that she’ll get shuffled back so Alex should be able to find a nice spot to settle and stalk…I hope!

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