TERICE Preview-ish

As we’ve all heard, we were supposed to be inundated with rain tonight so there is the possibility that this race comes off the turf. With that will come a plethora of scratches which will change the complexion of the race and would render this preview moot; or at the very least, irrelevant. But who knows, now they’re talking just scattered thunderstorms for the Shakopee area…I guess we’ll wait and see!

Clay and I discussed whether or not she will run if it comes off the turf. While we didn’t come to any conclusions – we’re going to see how bad it is and go from there – the odds are even money that we will race in the slop.

Group 2, you all lead the way and there is a section in Silks set aside for the Club.

1. NATALIES STORM (Pearson/Butler) -Two previous tries on the turf with no success but has come in 2nd in her lone try over a wet track.

2. LAURA BEASLEY (McFarlane/Escobar) – Strictly a turfer thusfar but does seem to be a touch below these group in the speed figure department.

3. ACARPIAN (Diodoro/Franco) – Very consistent filly, especially at this level where she hits board regularly. She’ll be close to the pace throughout but has never run on a wet main track.

4. KRAZY FOR KUGEL (Silva/Arroyo) – Solid low level claimer though has not proven to be particularly adept over the turf. She does like the dirt and certainly likes the distance. If it’s an off-track, this will be her first try so tough to say how she’ll handle it.

5. NUMBER ONE GAL (House/Carreno) – Best running is done on or near the lead, which works out for us as long as there is at least one other. She’s run into trouble when facing better than $5000 claimers though she is 1-0-1 in 2 wet track starts.

6. WILD LUNA (Turco/Shepherd) – Her turf debut a couple of starts back wasn’t bad, but she was beaten pretty good by many of these in her last out.

7. I’VE HEARD RUMORS (Becker/Martinez) – Very consistent on the Arlington poly. Also been very successful over te Canterbury turf, never missing the board in 8 career starts.

8. MUNDY (Chambers/Bell) – Our old friend has learned to route a bit though it certainly would be beneficial for us if she would revert back to her old style for a race!

9. TACTICAL GIRL (Sweere/Velasquez) – Made a very impressive turf debut, nosing out the leader near the wire to win at 36-1 – this level and beat many of these in the process.

10. RECLUSIVE (Lund/Eikleberry) – Oft-claimed filly is very consistent at this level. Has won on the front end and charging off the pace. Never has run on an off main track.


12. SIMPLY SECRET (Silva/Ordaz) – Mare ripped through her conditions sprinting but has not quite found her stride going longer.

Any breakdown of the race would be conjecture at this point, knowing that weather and scratches will play a role in forming the shape of the race so I’m going to approach this like it’s going to be on a firm turf course.

TERICE is certain to come off the pace so that means we’ll need something to run at. Right now it appears that there is a dearth of speed with only KRAZY FOR KUGEL and NATALIES STORM showing recent front running style. That said, it’s much more difficult for speed to hold in a route on the turf than it is in a dirt sprint. A lot is going to depend upon Eddie Martin’s ability to find clear sailing late so TERICE can make her late run and keep her personal winning streak alive. If we turn into the lane with an open path to the front, we will be VERY tough to beat, but it’s a full field and racing luck is going to play a large role – maybe larger – than skill.

ALL of this is subject to change should the rain falls, the race comes off the turf, horses scratch and maybe some of the Also Eligibles draw in.

Good luck and see you tonight!


4 thoughts on “TERICE Preview-ish

    • I’ll defer to the folks that love up there for the weather question: we’re down near Rochester and it’s been raining steady all day down here.

      Yes, Eddie is riding with Alex on the bench.

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