Another 2nd and On To Chicago

TERICE made a big, sweeping move through the turn for home but jut could not make up enough ground through the lane and we had to settle for our second consecutive second place finish. I watched the replay several times and I don’t see what Martin could have done differently to save more ground. Breaking from the 10 post again made it tough for us to get any kind of close position around the track and I thought he did a nice job getting to the rail and saving what ground he could. There was simply too much traffic to make any other kind of move than the one he did.

We went back to see her but she had not made it back from the test barn at that point.

The girls will get packed up and we’ll head to Hawthorne. We have a couple of gamers and we will be very aggressive in placing them there in order to maximize our possibility of winning and if we get claimed, we get claimed.

Here is our last Michelle Benson production of the season. Much thanks to her for a great job chronicling the season on video as well as to my love and partner, Heather Frisbie, on the great still shots (when I got her to the track on time!!).


3 thoughts on “Another 2nd and On To Chicago

  1. She put on a clinic on how to finish, a great run! Been a great ride this year too, thanks to you, Ted & Heather & Michelle, and all who participated, and especially to Maryjean and Terice. Go conquer Chicago! — Lyn Cowan

  2. I agree….I was there and it was a very good ride. Got the lane we wanted, but it was not given to her at all. No shame in that 2nd.

    I expect both horse will be quite competitive at Hawthorn.

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