TERICE Wins Divisional Honors

In another first for the Racing Club, a horse owned by the Club won year end honors, TERICE was named Claiming Horse of the Year by the press covering Canterbury Park along with others involved in the daily racing at the racetrack.

Congratulations, folks, you own a champion!

16 thoughts on “TERICE Wins Divisional Honors

  1. This is great. Congratulations to those who made the decision to acquire Terice. I have appreciated the help with racing terms and protocol throughout the year. Could you also please explain what this award means? Thank you.

    • It only means that the press covering Canterbury and racetrack personnel that are involved with racing on a daily basis decided that she was the best claiming horse for the duration of the meet.

  2. Ted, how is the divisional champion decided? I know Terice went into the meet as the #1 horse and she never got us to the winner’s circle so how was she declared #1 Claiming TB at Canterbury?

    • The press and others at the track involved in daily racing get ballots distributed by the media relations office and everyone votes for divisional champions. TERICE got the most votes for claiming horse of the year based on her body of work for the entire meet, not just the last month.

  3. Congrats on a great season. I only wish the website picture had been changed to the winner’s circle picture from this year with Maryjean’s only #1 victory for us! ; )

  4. Ted, just curious about the near future with Terice and MJ. I’m aware they’re off to Hawthorne, in hopes of a couple wins, and ultimately being claimed, but, does Clay move on to Hawthorne and stay their trainer? How long does Hawthorne race until? Could the club decide to hang on to one or both horses over the winter and bring them back here next year? At what age do racehorses usually quit racing? Thanks

    • The horse move on to Hawthorne under Clay’s care (the barn will move over the next couple of days). He will continue to be their trainer.

      As part of our organization, the Club cannot hold on to the horses over the winter, we have to be horse free by 12/31 because of legal and tax consequences.

      Hawthorne runs until near the end of December.

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