Safe Arrival and Hawthorne Prep

I mentioned this in response to a question on a previous post but it warrants a more prominent placement. The girls arrived in Chicago just fine and have enjoyed a bit of a break before Hawthorne’s opening on October 3. There appear to be several races over the first two weeks in the condition book that would fit for each of them so hopefully we’ll get them in relatively quickly.

Here are the August financials. I apologize for the delay but I had to straighten out a couple of items with the vet bill and the last week or so I’ve been laid out by some upper respiratory deal that I hope you all have avoided!

2014 CBY RC Running Financials August

And, as an FYI, in case you missed it, our Alex Canchari has appeared not in greater Chicago, but will be working the fall Santa Anita meet. Good luck to Alex as he tries to crack the big time!!


3 thoughts on “Safe Arrival and Hawthorne Prep

  1. Ted thanks for the update! Hope the girls have better success at Hawthorne. Hope your feeling better. Go Alex! Will be watching you on TVG!

  2. That is great news for Alex. Can you explain how he, or really any jockey, makes the journey to a top flight destination like SA, and also from track to track? Trainers/owners scouting?

    • It can be tricky and takes dedication from the jock but it also takes a mentor or someone who believes enough in the kid to use him if he makes the move. In this case, from what I understand, Robertino Diodoro wanted Alex to make the move and most likely committed to using him to some degree. The jock’s agent plays a very large role in getting him/her mounts and also setting up the next location or the next step up.

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