Change of Venue

Spoke with Clay today and we’re shipping MJ to run in Ohio (licensing run around day for Ted!). The purse at Hawthorne at $5,000 is $8800 while the purse at Thistledown for the same race is $13,000. With the political climate in Illinois making it iffy if Hawthorne will even run next year, Clay is looking for a new spot, just in case he needs to move and Ohio racing is on the climb (slot money) so he’s going to give it the once over next week.

The race is October 1, race 6, going 5 1/2 furlongs over the main track.


19 thoughts on “Change of Venue

    • There is a dispute between Hawthorne and Arlington for dates and the legislature keeps passing some form of slots which the governor(s) have refused to sign. The dates for 2015 are scheduled for discussion and awarding the end of the month and, in Clay’s words, “I hear it doesn’t look good for Hawthorne”.

      There’s a lot more to it but I don’t follow it that closely plus I only have so much space on the blog!

    • There are 3 making the trip down – all 3 expected to be favorites. If they don’t get claimed, they will head back to IL as far as I know now – Clay doesn’t have stalls at Thistledown, though he’s giving the place the once over and will talk to the folks there and check it out.

  1. Good planning on Clay’s part. It would be unfortunate if Hawthorne were to lose the date. It is such a good place for horses both from Prairie Meadows and Canterbury to go in the fall and run on dirt in the late winter early spring.

    Go Mary Jean and safe trip for all partied

    • I’ll try. I’m attending the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and I’ll be working as well, but someone usually gets it up in the comments pretty quickly.

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