TERICE Takes on Nine

My guess is that before all is said and done we will be running on an “off” main track given the rain that is bearing down on Chicago today. I’m sure that will mean some scratches, but I can’t wait for the changes to be posted (I waited as long as I could) so here goes the preview.

Bonita Rita (Berndt/Lopez) – Not mush turf form and never been on a wet track. Moving up in class without having had much success at the $6000 level. Does seem to like to push the pace.

Reclusive (Silva/Felix) – Our girl has already beaten this one a couple of times already at Canterbury. Dirt form has been decent (though no wet track form) so this one may stay in.

Hoist the Colors (Granitz/Esquivel) – Solid turfer was dropping considerably for this one. 28 of 29 starts have been on the turf or artificial. Hard to imagine that she’s going to stay in. If she does, my guess is that they want her claimed and she may not be the threat she once was.

Tactical Girl (Sweere/Homeister) – Mixed results in her two turf tries. Canadian dirt form was up and down but has hit the board in 4 of 6 wet track starts.

Delightful Daisy (Boyce/Ocampo) – Not a bad summer at Arlington and seemed to really be rounding into form after her last before a layoff after only 4 races. Makes you wonder a bit what may have happened there when they didn’t try to strike when the iron finally got hot.

I’ve Heard Rumors (Becker/Roman) – Another old friend from Canterbury seems to run into issues when she gets thrown into deeper water. She may be a bit over her head in here but she did when her last.

Geneva Lake (Rivelli/Emigh) – Last two coming off the pace on the grass at Arlington were very solid. She just worked though a condition (non-winners of 2) and is joining winners while doing the right thing facing winners after clearing a condition – dropping in class. She’ll be tough in here late.

Clontarf (Matthews/Aragon) – This was to be her first turf try (and still may be…) but is all about the dirt. Her dirt form prior to moving to Arlington was excellent, albeit at lower levels.

David’s Lucky Lady (Kirby/Perez) – Solid performer on the turf at high claiming levels (though conditional). First try against winners was not bad at $25,000 where she was beaten by 4 horses but only was off the lead by less than three. She weakened late and is cutting back a little on distacnce for this one.


Our girl is a better turfer than she is on dirt, but she certainly can run over the dirt. She has also won 2 of 3 races on off tracks which is a good sign as well. I’m a bit concerned that there isn’t more speed in there but that may just mean she won’t have to come from so far back. The 10 post is far from ideal but Thornton on her back is definitely an advantage. She should rate nicely and if the race is moved off the turf she’ll have an additional 70 yards to make up ground since the mile distance will be a mile and 70. We fit well here and I’m cautiously optimistic heading in.

Good Luck!!


10 thoughts on “TERICE Takes on Nine

  1. Terice should have swallowed that field whole. Why in the world would the jockey change running tactics and send her so early?

  2. Watched the race on my tablet so it was a little hard to see. Looked like Terice was pulling a bit early on. Hope she came out of the race OK and we’ll look forward to another day.

  3. In the chart, it says that Terice “pulling a bit off the first flight”. Could you let us know what that means?

    • I haven’t seen the race yet but in a chart that comment would lead me to believe that she was pulling at the bit and was a bit hard for the rider to settle down into an easy stride.

  4. How did she do? Also, I don’t recall seeing a posting of how MJ did last Thursday in her race. Would love an detailed update on both races (how did they place). Thanks!

    • MJ finished 2nd and Terice finished 3rd. I was at a conference all work for work so I haven’t posted recaps but underneath each preview, the comments section contained discussion of each race. Once I talk to Clay this week I’ll post how they came back and the plans going forward.

    • While there wasn’t a specific – “She’s Entered” post, there was a lot of discussion in the comments section of previous threads on the upcoming race. Additionally we mentioned earlier that we were looking at the first weekend at Hawthorne and the preview was done the morning of her evening race. My apologies for not making a quick entry when she was entered. As I mentioned earlier in the week I was at a trade show all week and it was a difficult week for me to get posts out. Again, my apologies.

  5. I believe most of this was mentioned earlier in the year in various posts but here’s some hints on how to keep track of horses/jockeys/trainers that you might be interested in following:

    Go to equibase.com – on the left side there’s a link to “Virtual Stable”. Click on that link. It will open with an opportunity to create an account (which is free). Once you have an account created you can add horses/trainers/jockeys to your virtual stable and check on them at any time. You can also set it up so that you get an email when one of your horses is entered in a race and the results of that race as soon as it is done. It includes a link to the full chart of the race with all the comments etc.

    That’s how I keep track of my favorite horses etc. It’s easy.

    Also – I think many of us forget to check the replies to the topics in the blog. That’s where a lot of information is posted but we don’t get a separate email for each posting unless we have replied and checked off the boxes to get them.

    Thank you Ted for all your hard work juggling all the schedules and people involved in an endeavor like this. We appreciate it.

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