After looming into contention heading into the lane, TERICE ran into all kinds of traffic issues and never made a move. Thornton tried to move through a hole at the top of the stretch but it closed quickly and he angled outside where he was promptly blocked again. After that, TERICE just quit running and followed the pack in for 7th place.

We’ll evaluate how she came back in a couple of days and we’ll go from there. Don’t be surprised to see us drop her way down on the dirt to try an induce a claim. This is where we differ a little bit from a conventional partnership where we can keep the horses year over year, but a win and a claim at a lower level wouldn’t be awful and we’d get out with something.

In the “hits just keep on coming” department, MARYJEAN did not get in for Thursday. Clay and I have not connected yet so I’m not sure why, could be we lost our preference by going to Ohio, but we’ll get her in as soon as possible – even if it ends up being at $4000.


1 thought on “TERICE 7th

  1. I saw what the chart caller saw, no real excuses. Our girl just didn’t have it. We lost all chances at the break when Our pilot didn’t at least try to take her to the rail to save ground. We might have claimed Terice at the bottom of her form cycle. Not complaining, I have loved every bit of this experience!

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