TERICE – Race Preview; September Financials

Once again poor Terice drew far outside. We absolutely cannot seem to get any breaks when it comes to post position for her. But let’s take a look and see what we’re up against in 6th, a 1 mile turf event at Hawthorne. It’s an $8,000 claiming race with a purse of $10,000 with Tim Thornton up.

1 Chica Silver (De La Corda/Homeister) – Even though she is dropping pretty far to get in here, it doesn’t appear that she’s liked going a mile in the past. The class drop is enough to make her a threat but an outside one.

2 Hoist the Colors (Granitz/Esquivel) – Likes to be at or near the lead pushing things along. Her last was a very nice effort, weakening after striking the lead after a long pace battle. That was at $16,000 and they drop her down for this one.

3 Che Serai (Young/Aragon) – The class drop in here doesn’t look near as impressive when you take into consideration the allowance was for Illinois bred and her previous efforts were all around $7500. That said, her last $7500 effort was a winning one over the poly at Arlington. She’s had a long layoff with not much in the way of works which makes me think that there may be something amiss here, though she had gone quite a while without a break prior. Likes to be on the lead.

4 She’s Tellin’tales (Domenosky/Perez) – A winner of two in a row and seemingly always competitive at whatever the level, she likes to lay just off the pace which puts her in a very good position when it’s time for the real running to start.

5 Grace of Greatness (Aguilar/Sanjur) – a familiar name to Canterbury fans, she’s another that likes to push the pace a bit. This is the first out for the new connections and trainer is batting 0 with his first out starters.

6 David’s Lucky Lady (Kirby/Emigh) -Dropping deep after getting spanked last out at $16,000. She’ll come from what out of it if she can and try and pick up the pieces of any pace battle up front.

7 Tactical Girl (Sweere/Molina) – Edged us out by a neck for second last out, she’ll try and stay in the mix early and try and get first run at the leaders late.

8 Dontbetellinme (Monbarren/Roman) – Seemingly a bit over her skis in this one, we can’t even count on her to push the pace.


10 Delightful Daisy (Boyce/Ocampo) – Beat us all last time out running a beautiful race on the off main track when we got moved from the turf. Her turf form is also not bad and if she can stalk like last time she could be tough – but it’s a lot tougher to get that stalking position from the 10 spot than it is from the 5.

I think our chances in here are good but not great. While there is some speed to run at, there is not a plethora of it. A couple of others will like to stalk and have a better post to do so.

A couple of point are in our favor though. This is Thornton’s second time aboard which will help now that he has a feel for her. Clay also thought she was just too fresh last time and was all kinds of keen to go which left her rank early and tough to settle.

The road to the winners’ circle is going to be to get her to settle down early and lay about 4th of 5th, maybe 5 – 7 lengths off the leaders and then take solid aim at them late. Heather and I toyed with the idea of running down there for the race but I think we’ll be watching it at home on the PC. If any of you are heading south for the race, please travel safely and enjoy the day!

Good Luck!!

Here are the financials for September. 2014 CBY RC Running Financials September


5 thoughts on “TERICE – Race Preview; September Financials

  1. The 5 and 8 have been scratched so we should be starting from post 7 which should help some. Also, the 11 and 13 draw into the race so still taking on nine. Good luck everyone!

    • Happy for the post improvement but, while neither appeared to be a threat to win, Grace of Greatness looked to perhaps help the pace scenario in our favor. The two that have drawn in both will want to come off the pace so now I’m a little concerned about speed to run at up front. But then I worry about every little thing!

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