News and Notes


There really isn’t a whole lot going on right now. Both girls are working at Hawthorne and appear to be doing well. It looks like we’ll be entering next week: TERICE in an $8,000 claimer on the grass (25th) and MARYJEAN in a $5,000 claiming sprint on the dirt (30th). Of course neither are official until we enter and get in the race(s).


Alex is recovering from his surgery and he say he’ll be sideline for about 2 months. It’s great news that the surgery went well and that he will be able to ride again. As many of you have no doubt heard, three jockeys – 2 in Australia and 1 in Indiana – lost their lives riding this past week. It’s easy to forget sometimes just how dangerous this sport is for both the human and equine athletes.


Now is the time to start thinking about 2015. I’m not sure that we will be doing too much different than this season from an operational perspective. There always is a lot of conversation about the Club dynamics and how things can be changed but we end up coming back to the mission of the Club: to educate Minnesotans about horse racing. We won’t lose our focus on that goal and, should members wish to move on to a potential “for profit” group, start your own group or buy a horse on your own – much the better. That is kind of the point, really: to get folks to the point that, if they wish, they can venture out on their own to join existing partnerships, form one of their own or go solo. If you have any questions, please feel free to let them rip. I’ll try and answer your questions the best I can be they about the Club, joining groups or how to start your own.


Both Gals Back and Gearing Up

Both TERICE and MARYJEAN are back in Clay’s barn at Hawthorne and are doing okay. As we thought, TERICE was very keen to move under Tim Thornton in her race and he had to dance a fine line between trying to rate her but not discouraging her so much that she wouldn’t run anymore either. He felt that when she swung to the lead that that was going to be all she wrote but she tired late – perhaps because of her struggles earlier in the race. We know she’s okay on the dirt and has enjoyed success over a sloppy racetrack but the track was sealed (rolled to keep the moisture out) and perhaps a bit hard and wasn’t entirely to her liking.

MARYJEAN was simply too far back early and when the time came to run, she did her thing, swinging wide and passing everyone (almost) in the lane to put 5 1/2 between her and the third place horse but she was just too far from the eventual winner to catch her. It was a solid second and a check that paid the bills ($2600) but she will run again at Hawthorne next. Though the money was good in Ohio, part of the reason Clay was able to get three horses there was that trainer Joel Berndt was heading there with his own and had some room. Otherwise, he says rides to get to the Cleveland area infrequent and, therefore, expensive, so we’ll wait at Hawthorne and look to go about 3 weeks after her last start (October 1).

While there is nothing in the book for TERICE over the turf at this level ($8000), we will wait a few weeks and see what develops. Worst case we will run her back over the dirt again at this level or maybe even a step lower since the objective now for us is twofold – get a win, but also have them move on to new homes.

On another note, here is a link to more on the ongoing saga in Illinois for those of you that are interested:

TERICE Takes on Nine

My guess is that before all is said and done we will be running on an “off” main track given the rain that is bearing down on Chicago today. I’m sure that will mean some scratches, but I can’t wait for the changes to be posted (I waited as long as I could) so here goes the preview.

Bonita Rita (Berndt/Lopez) – Not mush turf form and never been on a wet track. Moving up in class without having had much success at the $6000 level. Does seem to like to push the pace.

Reclusive (Silva/Felix) – Our girl has already beaten this one a couple of times already at Canterbury. Dirt form has been decent (though no wet track form) so this one may stay in.

Hoist the Colors (Granitz/Esquivel) – Solid turfer was dropping considerably for this one. 28 of 29 starts have been on the turf or artificial. Hard to imagine that she’s going to stay in. If she does, my guess is that they want her claimed and she may not be the threat she once was.

Tactical Girl (Sweere/Homeister) – Mixed results in her two turf tries. Canadian dirt form was up and down but has hit the board in 4 of 6 wet track starts.

Delightful Daisy (Boyce/Ocampo) – Not a bad summer at Arlington and seemed to really be rounding into form after her last before a layoff after only 4 races. Makes you wonder a bit what may have happened there when they didn’t try to strike when the iron finally got hot.

I’ve Heard Rumors (Becker/Roman) – Another old friend from Canterbury seems to run into issues when she gets thrown into deeper water. She may be a bit over her head in here but she did when her last.

Geneva Lake (Rivelli/Emigh) – Last two coming off the pace on the grass at Arlington were very solid. She just worked though a condition (non-winners of 2) and is joining winners while doing the right thing facing winners after clearing a condition – dropping in class. She’ll be tough in here late.

Clontarf (Matthews/Aragon) – This was to be her first turf try (and still may be…) but is all about the dirt. Her dirt form prior to moving to Arlington was excellent, albeit at lower levels.

David’s Lucky Lady (Kirby/Perez) – Solid performer on the turf at high claiming levels (though conditional). First try against winners was not bad at $25,000 where she was beaten by 4 horses but only was off the lead by less than three. She weakened late and is cutting back a little on distacnce for this one.


Our girl is a better turfer than she is on dirt, but she certainly can run over the dirt. She has also won 2 of 3 races on off tracks which is a good sign as well. I’m a bit concerned that there isn’t more speed in there but that may just mean she won’t have to come from so far back. The 10 post is far from ideal but Thornton on her back is definitely an advantage. She should rate nicely and if the race is moved off the turf she’ll have an additional 70 yards to make up ground since the mile distance will be a mile and 70. We fit well here and I’m cautiously optimistic heading in.

Good Luck!!

Canchari Seriously Injured

I know we’re all fond of Alex Canchari, our regular rider and local boy making good, so I wanted to bring you all some news and keep Alex in your prayers.

In his words:

“Sorry to tell everyone but I had a bad accident today at Santa Anita. I broke my collar bone and ribs and have collapses lungs. There’s air bubbles on my heart so I’m having surgery in the morning. God bless everyone it could have been worse thank The Lord I can still walk.”

Keep Alex in your prayers this weekend.

MARYJEAN – Preview

MARYJEAN takes on 7 $5,000 claiming fillies and mares today going 5 1/2 furlongs over the dirt course at Thistledown. The race is the 6th.

Here is a rundown of the speed laden race:

Pass Me A Drink (Hunt/KGonzalez) – Good early speed. Won last in dominating fashion but seems like last came from nowhere so there is the potential that she could regress off of that effort.

Sneaky Sweet (Capelini/LGonzalez) – Another who likes it on the front, a very consistent filly who is pushing up in class after the last win off the claim at $4,000.

Friendly Wildcat (Morales/Rosario) – Two since the break/claim has been real clunkers but prior to that…love the front.

Emma’s Image (Radosevich/Skerritt) – Everyone seems to wants the lead, including this gal. She comes from one of the leading barns and has one of the top local jocks on her.

Devaney (Faulkner/Urieta-Moran) – Yet another who does her best running on the engine, she seems to be having some trouble getting her old form back since the break.

Dancewhileitstorms (Dominguez/Smock) – Horse throws in an occasionally good race from time to time, she likes to settle just off the pace and there will be pace in here, no question.


Cashed Out (Morales/DeLaCruz) – One guess where this one likes to go…to the lead…

Well there certainly is going to be pace to run at in here, no doubt about it. I have one real concern: if there is enough real estate for her to make up the ground she’ll need to. She’s won at 5 1/2 before and there is plenty of speed in the race. As long as the fractions can be solid, we should get the pace we want as long as our jockey, Noel Vigil, listens to Juan (he made the trip with Clay’s trio in today) and his instructions.

Race time is about 2:25 Central. Good luck!!