October Financial Statement

Attached below is the October Financial Statement. As you can tell, we do not have a vet bill yet from Illinois for October but I didn’t want to wait any longer to get these posted.

As we head into the final month of the Club we have 2 healthy horses on winning streaks probably running a bit below their actual value. If this were a private group there is the probability that we may try and move them up the ladder a bit to go after more money – one of the ways this differs a bit from “standard” horse ownership. However it sure has been fun getting on this roll and both girls should be very tempting apples to be picked coming back at this level again in a few weeks.

2014 CBY RC Running Financials October


6 thoughts on “October Financial Statement

  1. Anyone else find it surprising that even with all the good showings all summer/fall that the club has no chance of finishing in the black? I know this club is run a bit special given the rules in place, but does the club really show how difficult it is if not impossible for an owner to make anything in the horse game with the level of horses the club claims.

    • It is an eye opener. This is not an easy business and the lower levels of the game it’s really hard to break even. It’s even hard at the higher levels. I will do a fuller post on this and include a link to article a friend of mine wrote on making money racing in NY.

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