Win, Claim and Terice Up Saturday

Congratulations, team!!

MJ made it 3 in a row with a superb effort under another perfect ride by Emmanuel Esquivel. She stalked the speed, Russian Rhapsody beautifully, never letting her get too far away and then powered past her at the top of the lane and cruised on to win by 2.

An excellent job by Clay to keep her sharp for this long (she hasn’t been out of the exacta in months). She was claimed out of the race, which was the purpose for keeping her at this level for so long. I honestly thought we would have lost her after the last race so it was nice to get a little bonus out of the deal.

TERICE goes in the 5th race on Saturday, a $5000 claiming race going a mile and 70 – basically the same as her last as well. We will try and extend the Club record for consecutive wins and wins in a season with that one, too! And yes, Emmanuel is aboard once again.

Again, congratulations and good luck!


19 thoughts on “Win, Claim and Terice Up Saturday

  1. Super race! Really like this jockey too. Glad he’s on Terice Saturday. Hate to see Maryjean go but am looking forward to Terice’s race. This is exciting!

  2. Great win!! Exciting to watch. Perfect ride! Great job by Clay and company. Sad to see her go…. Would have been fun to squeez in one more race! Now it’s terices turn! Thank you Maryjean!

  3. A great race again by all the connections. It was fun to see her dominate her contenders for the last 3 races. What a good way to end her season for us. Hope Maryjean stays healthy and continues her good racing for the new owners. Thanks to Ted, Clay and Emmanuel for giving us a fun season at Canterbury and Hawthorne. Time for Terice to show her stuff on Saturday.

  4. Ted – will this photo be included in our discounted rate with the others? Should one wait until Saturday to order them (just in case)?

  5. MJ ran a nice race once again. With any kind of Terice luck this month we could possibly come real close to a break even point for the first time.
    Any new details on Alex Canchari? He caught a mount at Del Mar on Saturday in place of Kayla Stra and is listed on mounts starting tomorrow at Los Alamitos TB meet.


  6. Maybe Saturday we’ll make it to Canterbury to watch Terice’s race. Kept meaning to get out there to see MJ and maybe try to make a couple bucks, but we never made it.

  7. Ted, just looked at the equibase entry for Terice. It says it’s a straight claiming but Terice is the only one without a claiming price. I am assuming it is a error??

  8. Thinking about taking a road trip with my wife to see Terice run Saturday. I assume we would be allowed to get in the winners circle picture if she wins? Anyone else thinking about going?

    Jim Miller sure gave the club a nice mention in the race preview today (even though he did pick Mary Jean as the winner).

  9. Bittersweet!! Thanks to all of MaryJean’s people and getting her to be on top form at the end!! I liked her personality so I will miss her!! Terice has to come up with a win to make this the best year ever at the club!! And a claim, too!! .

  10. In response to Lyn Cowan’s remark about following MaryJean and any other horse, you can create your own virtual stable of horses to follow by logging into Just enter the horses’ names you wish to follow and you will receive an email when that horse works, is entered in a race and the race result.

    • Here is the Virtual Stable link for Equibase. The above will generate an email:
      You will need to establish a free account. If you prefer the DRF, they have a “watch list” feature that allows you to do the same thing.

      Also, there is a very robust app called “Horse Races Now” that allows you to do the same stuff but also see fields, get charts, see live video and watch replays. I’m a huge fan of this app.

      • Ted and Kathy — many thanks for the info. I do have a DRF WatchList, didn’t make clear that I was interested to know who the trainer/stable was who claimed Maryjean. I did find that out later on the site. I’m sure others in our Club may find your info and links helpful. Very kind of you both!

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