Win and Claim Close Out 2014 Club

Terice did it! She notched her 2nd win in a row and made it 5 in a row for the Club by overcoming a TON of trouble and winning the 5th at Hawthorne under a confident ride by Emmanuel Esquivel.

Terice broke well and was carried a bit wide through the first turn, though not outrageously so. She finally settled nicely down the backstretch but found her self boxed in and with nowhere to go as they started to enter the far turn. Esquivel had to check her hard to back her out of trouble and then angle around the traffic just to get her a clear run at the leaders when they straightened for home.

Esquivel worked on her nicely through the lane and she responded well closing on and then passing Geneva Lake and holding her at bay through the wire. It was a very confident ride by Emmanuel as he had to have known that he had plenty of horse beneath him. The Jacobson’s were there to represent in the winners’ circle as well!

She did get claimed in that race which, as you know, needed to happen so it was a good thing even though it’s tough to see her go. The new trainer is Chuck Turco who hangs his shingle at Canterbury over the summer so we should see her back again in 2015 and, of course, wish her nothing but the best.

Congratulations, folks. It was a record breaking year and I’m very happy for you all!

Now we will wait for the vet bills and Clay’s last couple of bills and hopefully we will have this all wrapped up with final totals by the 2nd week of January.

Details on next year’s Club and a possible new option for Club members coming in a few days. In the meantime, CELEBRATE!


12 thoughts on “Win and Claim Close Out 2014 Club

  1. Wow, what a final couple of months for the club! Love that jockey, a poised and skilled ride and decisions today to help us close out with a bang. On top of all of this, Alex is back and riding and hitting the board out west. Thanks Ted for all the work and info and just great conversations either at the track or here on the message boards. Thanks and cheers!

    • Win photo details are in an earlier post. I am not in front of my PC and put and about so I can’t repost here. If you’re looking for just a regular picture, I’m sure the track photographer can help with that as well.

  2. thanks again to everyone. Ted, Clay, Emmanuel and Clay,s entire crew. Its been a pleasure all year. You all did a great job!!! Thanks again for the great memories.

  3. Ted, can you list the final stats for MaryJean and Terice for our group this year? #’s of W’s/P’s/S’s out of total races raced? Thanks, Kathy

  4. Ted,

    A great year for the club, thanks for keeping everyone informed on the results from Hawthorne. My first year involved with the club and I had a great time. I think if the horses had the 5 straight wins at Canterbury, there’d be 200 people looking to join smaller groups that would be splitting up the winnings. They made it look so easy at the end. Thanks again, looking forward to next spring and new horses for the club!

    Is it true that Hawthorne may be closing for good in the near future?

    • John – It’s my pleasure completely. It was a REALLY fun way to finish the season. And very hard to do. Hats off to Clay in keeping the girls sharp for nearly 2 months as well as very impressive race riding by Emmanuel Esquivel. Five in a row for any owner is a rare accomlishment. I’ve been blurting out to Heather from time to time, “We won five in a row…” – it’s almost surreal and I hope everyone is savoring how special this run was!

      It was an up and down season but what a finish. I hope folks had some fun and learned something along the way!

  5. This isn’t my first year and I learn something new every year. It’s just great! Thanks to all involved with the horses, and to you, Ted, for putting up with all our questions. It’s a pleasure.

    Can’t wait to see what the new idea/s may be!

  6. I just looked at my virtual stable and figured out the results for our horses since we claimed them.

    Maryjean – 9 starts record of 4-2-2

    Terice – 6 starts record of 2-1-1

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. Most stables would be quite happy with stats like that I believe.

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