Some Photos From Hawthorne

Here are a couple of photos from Terice’s win courtesy of Ron and Cheri Jacobson who made the trip and got in the winners’ circle photo!

Thanks…and enjoy!

Terice loading in the gate before the big race.

Terice loading in the gate before the big race.

And...The WIN!

And…The WIN!


4 thoughts on “Some Photos From Hawthorne

  1. Thanks Ron and Cherie! What an awesome experience this has been even if it was experienced from Charlotte, NC. Thanks again to Jeff, Ted, Clay, Juan and everyone else for making this possible and a special shout out to my 200 partners!!

  2. Again what fun this was to have the success the Club had this year! This is our 5th year in the Racing Club and it is very enjoyable each and every year. This year with 6 wins and it has been especially exciting. We look forward to the news of the upcoming 2015 Club options. Thanks again to all involved.

    Curt and Ione Snesrud

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