Starting to Close Out 2014

With almost all the billing in for 2014 it looks as if this year’s Club will surpass 2013’s record breaking season. It appears we will finish up just north of $40,000 or about 80% back to the folks in the group. Some other milestones this year:

– First allowance race appearance. MARYJEAN finishes 3rd.

– Most wins in a season: 6

– Most consecutive wins: 5

– Final stats: 15 starts, 6 wins, 3 places, 3 shows (40% win percentage; 80% in the money – also both records)

– Total earnings: $51,625

As soon as we get the final vet bill we will post the final financial spreadsheet and breakdown the return even further. Look for an announcement on the 2015 Club shortly. Those of you that have expressed interest in the Alumni Club will be getting an email update this weekend. I have received 43 inquiries so even if everyone doesn’t decide to join, I think we’ll have enough to move this group forward!

Happy New Year!


15 thoughts on “Starting to Close Out 2014

  1. The club records for this year is a testimony to the great horses that were acquired by you and Clay. Along with the fine training! Way to go! Happy new year.let’s hope for good things in 2015!

  2. For those interested, I see Maryjean is entered in the 2nd race at Hawthorne on Friday. She is back in a $5000 claiming race dropping from the $8000 claiming race she recently won for current owner/trainer Rivelli. We look forward to the Club for 2015.

  3. Ted, Please include me in the Alumni Club informational email. I am interested in hearing more about it.

    Dan Krech mobile

    • In case you missed it, I would urge all of you to go back a few posts and find the one that outlines the Alumni Club and has a lot of Q&A in the comments section.

  4. For those interested, Maryjean won her 5th in a row today at Hawthorne. She was claimed again for a new owner and trainer.

    • New owner: Maggie Moss. One of the top owners in the sport and one who is known for making sure her horses are taken care of properly.

      • Mary Jean will be running in a race at Oaklawn this week, I think. I follow her and others on the Horse Races Now app. So glad she took a step up in ownership and hope that the quick run back won’T undermine her health. I don’T see Maggie on the list of Water Hay and Oats Alliance but, she is said to have been very intent on giving horses good care and time to heal. Here’s hoping that the care of the horse always takes precedent over the purse money.

  5. No matter what level you are running at, to win 5 in a row is pretty impressive. Congratulations MJ!! Hope to see you running at Prairie Meadows in the spring.

  6. Mary Jean will be running again Feb. 6th at Oaklawn for owner Maggie Moss. Odds now 5/1. Time of race CT should be 2:25, third race, claiming.

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