2015 Racing Club

If you’ve been a member in the past you already know this information but if you’ve been following along wondering when you would get a chance to join up – this is for you.

Members will pay $250 to join the Club. There are no additional fees and the only additional expense will be if we are fortunate enough to get into the Winners’ Circle, there will be small charge for a photo.

The Club ends at the end of 2015 or when we have sold off our horses. As an example, two years ago we closed in November because our last horse was claimed then and it made no sense to claim a horse for only a few weeks but in 2014 we raced straight into December before we had our horses claimed away.

Members get admission to Canterbury Park for the season as well as, if available, a special location to watch the races, rotating paddock access and – again, if we’re lucky – access to the Winners’ Circle. We will conduct a few backstretch tours during the season as well so we can visit the barns and get a glimpse at life on the backside.

You get to follow YOUR horse(s) during the year!

Members can only get back as much money as they put in. This is a not for profit venture and is used as an educational experience to get people familiar with all the ins and outs of race horse ownership and “pull back the curtain”, if you will, and de-mystify the game.

We’re in the midst of our “open enrollment” period, if you will. We’ll be looking to close out by February 15, 2015. Clay Brinson will once again be our trainer. Last year we had two horses, Maryjean and Terice, and between the two of them we were able to win 6 races and only finished off the board once, I believe. Not bad at all. That bar is pretty high to beat this season but we’re going to give it our best shot.

Sign up forms are at the bottom of this post. Please let us know if you have any questions!

2015 Horse_ Ownership_Club_Membership_Agreement


2015 Club Forms

Below are the two forms to sign up for 2015. No checks should be submitted without the accompaniment of either the New Member Form or the Rollover Agreement. If you were in the Club in 2014, please complete the Rollover Form. If you’re a new member or returning member from other years, please complete the Horse Ownership Club Membership Agreement.

The address again is:

Canterbury Racing Club 2015
c/o Jeff Maday
1100 Canterbury Road
Shakopee, MN 55379

And the deadline is February 15, 2015.

2015 Horse_ Ownership_Club_Membership_Agreement

ROLL OVER 2015 Horse_ Ownership_Club_Membership_Agreement

Wrap 2014; Open 2015

All the bills are paid and the accounts balanced so we are ready to wrap 2014. There were a lot of milestones in 2014:

– 1st allowance race;
– Most wins;
– Five race winning streak;
– Most purse money.

The bar is set pretty high for 2015. Frankly, it would be amazing if we could match this season. But what the heck? We have to at least try, right?

Our final balance was $43,710.22. With 202 members, that equates to $216.38 per person. By way of contrast, last year – the previous record setting year for wins – returned back $184.92 per person. If you switch some of those late season wins to the higher pursed Canterbury Park and we could very well have MADE money this past season!

We were immensely fortunate and I hope everyone had a great year. The final spreadsheet is at the bottom of this post.

2015 Canterbury Club

We’re open for business for new members and renewals! Basically all parameters will remain the same: $250 buy in; no additional payments; free admission for the season, etc. The picture process, should we be fortunate enough to win again, will be the same but we will be monitoring that a bit closer as there were some folks who put their names down to get pictures after the initial run that missed out on receiving them. We will make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Closing date for the 2015 Club is February 15, 2015. This will give us enough time to get the money in and allow Clay and I some shopping time. The sign up sheet will follow in a future post once it is ready. Please let Jeff (jmaday@canterburypark.com) know of your intentions so we get the money back to those of you that are not rolling over and keep track of those of you that are.

For those of you rolling over, you can mail a check made out to “Canterbury Racing Club 2015” for $33.62 to:

Canterbury Racing Club 2015
c/o Jeff Maday
1100 Canterbury Road
Shakopee, MN 55379

2014 CBY RC Running Financials FINAL

General Updates

2014 Club

It looks like we are ready to close it out! The last vet bill came in and I will be reconciling all the statements this weekend and hope to have a final spreadsheet out shortly. I can guarantee it was the best year we’ve ever had though we will fall short of breaking even – though not by much.

2015 Club

I don’t foresee many changes in 2015. Jeff and I will discuss this weekend and a post on the new Club will go out. Hawthorne starts up Valentine’s Day weekend but I think we’ll leave signups open until the last day of Feb so Clay can start shopping in March.

Alumni Group

There was interest for right around 40 people though that number dropped to 23 when signing up for the Yahoo! page started. I sent an email out to everyone that sent me an email address. Jeff sent over a couple as well. Signing up for the Yahoo! page doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in, but it’s a place to interact and vet out with Q&A if you want to be in. Folks that decide that it will not be for them will be able to leave the group without spending a dime.

If you didn’t get an invite (and I sent out 43 of them) it may have disappeared in your SPAM filter or just not made it. If you didn’t get an invite to join Yahoo! groups and you signed up for information on the alumni group, please let me know at ted@grevelisracing.com and I will resend the invitation. You will need to create a Yahoo! ID to join. It will guide you through that free and relatively painless process if you don’t already have one.

THIS group I want to firm up and close out by February 15.