General Updates

2014 Club

It looks like we are ready to close it out! The last vet bill came in and I will be reconciling all the statements this weekend and hope to have a final spreadsheet out shortly. I can guarantee it was the best year we’ve ever had though we will fall short of breaking even – though not by much.

2015 Club

I don’t foresee many changes in 2015. Jeff and I will discuss this weekend and a post on the new Club will go out. Hawthorne starts up Valentine’s Day weekend but I think we’ll leave signups open until the last day of Feb so Clay can start shopping in March.

Alumni Group

There was interest for right around 40 people though that number dropped to 23 when signing up for the Yahoo! page started. I sent an email out to everyone that sent me an email address. Jeff sent over a couple as well. Signing up for the Yahoo! page doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in, but it’s a place to interact and vet out with Q&A if you want to be in. Folks that decide that it will not be for them will be able to leave the group without spending a dime.

If you didn’t get an invite (and I sent out 43 of them) it may have disappeared in your SPAM filter or just not made it. If you didn’t get an invite to join Yahoo! groups and you signed up for information on the alumni group, please let me know at and I will resend the invitation. You will need to create a Yahoo! ID to join. It will guide you through that free and relatively painless process if you don’t already have one.

THIS group I want to firm up and close out by February 15.


6 thoughts on “General Updates

  1. I’m still waiting for official information on the ownership group that will be getting K-1s and investing $2000 or whatever the figure is.

    Amanda M. Giliotti, JD,CPA, CFF
    Attorney At Law

    Giliotti Tax & Legal Services, INC
    10723 Chowen Circle
    Bloomington, MN 55431

    952-884-1773 FAX

    • The outline for the Alumni Group has been posted here. As I mentioned, I sent an invite to everyone who expressed interest. I will resend your invite.

  2. Looks like you are under your minimum for the new group. I am interested, but I do have concerns about the state of racing at Hawthorne and the limited number of horses racing there (and the potential for claims). What does Clay think about the potential for finding horses there this year?

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    • We’re considerably over the minimum (25). We have 37 people signed up for the Yahoo! group with several more than need resent invites.

      We are not only looking for horses at Hawthorne. Clay is heading to California at the end of the month and will be scouting there as well as Hawthorne and perhaps even Ohio so our reach is a bit beyond just Chicago.

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