Close for 2015

We are very close to launching the 2015 edition of the Canterbury Racing Club. We are just waiting for a few folks who have indicated that they are returning or are in but the check and paperwork has not yet arrived. I would anticipate that would be done sometime this week and I will finalize our licensing, transfer some money to Hawthorne and we can start shopping. I know that Clay already has his eye open but, as we’ve seen, it can sometimes take a while to find the horse or horses we want.

It looks as though we are going to close right around the 150 member mark this year. This will be less than last year but right about where we were 2 years ago. Some of the drop off is no doubt the migration of some folks to the Canterbury Alumni Group as well as some normal attrition.

We will also have nearly 30 new members this year and to you all I say “welcome”. Please remember that this is a learning experience and no question is a bad question. That’s why we’re here. Hopefully we’ll win some races along the way while we peel back the curtain a bit on the Thoroughbred industry.


13 thoughts on “Close for 2015

  1. We have been pretty fortunate to have had pretty good horses as long as I have been a member.
    Some are still racing and winning!
    Thanks for all of your hard work and everyone trying to make this a GREAT racing year!!

  2. Ted….as you know I will be in the Alumni racing club this year and will not be participating in the regular Canterbury racing club. I did reply to Jeff’s earlier email letting him know that and asked him to mail my refund check from last year to me. Which fyi I have not received yet.

    Looking forward to the Alumni racing club this year.

    Thanks Tim Chapman

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    • Until the Club closes (there are stragglers that say that the “check is in the mail”) the refunds are held. They’ll all be mailed out together.

      • Why should that matter to those that are now out of the club? Shouldn’t those funds be somewhere and not dependent on “new” money?

      • My guess is, and I don’t handle this end, there are always folks who delay, get a check and come back with “oh, I was signing up again”. Rather than go back and forth it’s easier to wait until it is all settled and then send out everyone at once.

    • Good luck to her! I haven’t seen the PPs yet.

      My two cents is that I would have kept her laid off for another month to rest and get her maybe one, two max, at Fonner before coming to Canterbury. Who knows, though, she may have been tearing the barn up wanting to run. They’re definitely all individuals.

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