Welcome Tens Wild!


I know it was a longer than usually wait but we certainly hope it will pay off with Tens Wild. Tens Wild is a 6-year old son of Tenpins and is now 5 of 30 on his career. He’s an Illinois bred gray/roan and looks like he could be solid for us at this level ($10,000).

We’re also fans of his versatility as he’s won on the dirt as well as the turf.

It usually takes horses a few days to settle in after a race and entering a new barn. We’ll get him back to the barn and let him cool out and see how he’s doing come the beginning of the week.

I’ll put out a paddock schedule later this week as well as post our boy’s lifetime past performances, breeding and let you know how he’s settling in. Heather got some great pictures and we’ll get those posted as well for everyone. Finally, we’ll get our first date for a backside tour nailed down sometime next weekend, so look for that post (the date will be announced next weekend, the tour is not next weekend).

We’re still on the lookout for another horse, so we’re not done yet, but at least we’re in business!

Congratulations and good luck!


7 thoughts on “Welcome Tens Wild!

  1. Doug & Judie We are both happy on your choice of ( Ten Wild ) . Hope to see all of the club in the winners circle. ( We will have fun )

    • Let me check with Jeff. I don’t see why not but is like to clear it with the track first and get their thoughts and input.

  2. I thought that was a pretty gutsy effort… all the pressure comin and to hold them all was impressive! Nice claim!

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