TENS WILD Doing Well; Paddock Groups

Tens Wild has come back from his race well. Clay likes to walk his horses for five days following a race and he’ll be going back to the track tomorrow to start jogging and giving Clay an idea of what is we have. We’re not certain to bring him back at the same $10,000 level where we bought him. Clay wants to let him train for a week or so and see how he’s coming along after his layoff before deciding on where to slot him next.

Clay also heard from Leandro Goncalves, Tens Wild last rider, who indicated that he would like to keep riding the horse going forward as well. Certainly a positive sign since riders really make their money on winning horses and he must feel that he has a good chance at it with our boy.

Though it is early, I am posting the paddock groups here. Please be mindful of space limitations. I’m dividing us up in 3 groups since the entire paddock group is unlikely to be here on the same day given past experience. If the groups end up being too big because of guests or other concerns, I will revisit the groups and perhaps carve out an additional group or two. I would rather not and give everyone the opportunity to get into the paddock a few times.

As for the winners’ circle, should we be fortunate enough to get there, we are working with Coady Photography to perhaps take the picture out on the track to create a safer environment for all the folks that want to get into the picture, but details on that later.

Here are the groups with Group 1 being the group to get into the paddock for our first start of the season:

Group 1: Grussing – Nelson
Group 2: Anderson – Griebenow
Group 3: Nierman – Zibley

The groups were split alphabetically and then they were drawn out of a hat.


7 thoughts on “TENS WILD Doing Well; Paddock Groups

  1. Glad to hear that Tens Wild is doing well and ready to head to the track to get ready for the Club’s first run this year. Hope he trains well and will be ready to roll in a week or two.

  2. My husband and I are Canterbury Club members but have not received 2015 club cards for free admission, etc. Please advise.

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    • Cards are not mailed out, they are picked up at the track at the information stand outside the card club. To be clear, these are not entry cards, but player tracking cards where you can receive rewards for your wagering. Club members cards are are specially coded to provide free admission, but they are picked up at the track with your photo ID.

  3. Ted, good luck to the CAC Mr. Lexis that is entered both tonight and also Saturday. Based on today’s weather I assume Saturday will be the go day and not tonight.
    Can you comment on Cby’s rules/protocol for when a horse can be entered in two separate races/cards at the same time?


    • On behalf of the Alumni Group (CAC Racing) – THANKS! We will be racing on Saturday and not today – in a decidedly tougher race, I might add.

      I can only speak to our experience in this instance, but I will find out a more official answer and post as well.

      Clay went to the racing office and outlined our issue: we were going to run on the turf but if the race came off, we were going to scratch (again). The weather looked like it was going to be horrendous and odds were that it was going to come off the turf. There were no other $20,000 nw3 races scheduled for quite a while so we opted to try a bit tougher on Saturday. However, the racing secretary was going to have to let us do that and, if we did indeed enter for Saturday, we were automatically scratched from today’s race – you can’t pick and choose which field you want to run against. Obviously it was allowed in this case and we scratched out of today and drew into Saturday.

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