Certainly not the result we were looking for and, as I heard multiple times wandering the facility, “The wrong Brinson horse won!”

Of course from our point of view that was true, but congratulations to the Brinson barn on a very tough race by Dr Action. The early pace was quick but Mr Mischief wasn’t under any pressure cutting the fractions, yet Dr Action was still able to get past him late.

Now our guy didn’t break very sharply. Leandro Goncalves said he was acting up a bit in the gate and they had to grab his tail to keep him in line. He was also very sweaty heading to the track which had Clay a bit concerned. He was hosed off early but still wasn’t able to dry out. Clay mentioned that he’s going to bring him up to track before his next start to school him a little bit to hopefully make him more comfortable.

Because of his acting up he didn’t break very sharply. The leaders were out like they were shot from a cannon and, with no pressure on the leader, he was able to run comfortably leaving him plenty in the tank for the stretch run. Leandro said Tens was coming at the end but they got too loose too early and there was no way he could make up all that ground.

We’ll fight another day!


5 thoughts on “TENS WILD 4th

  1. We were there and it appeared he was a little far back with a lot to make up. Great idea to school him before his next race, I think he’s going to win for us yet.

    Is Tens his barn name?

  2. Thanks for the re-cap. It was a great day to be at the track.Jim Nelson

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  3. That’s horse racing – we need one more horse so we can have a horse race every week.
    The club needs the action !

    • We are still looking for a second horse but I would caution that you shouldn’t expect a race every week. Generally three weeks between races for each horse would be what we would be looking at. They need time to recover and be ready to roll optimally and rarely is that every two weeks. The horse will dictate how often they can run.

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